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The father of her baby girl, denies killing her in a quarter appearance today. Fox's Jeff monosso has this live. Loose are not guilty plea for Patrick frac- Intel or county, Colorado. With the death of Kelsey Berith the mother of his child. It wasn't surprised as I guess what he did. I would not be able to comment on whether were investigating anybody else in the state prosecutor. Dan may now has ninety days ahead of, on October trial to decide whether or not to seek the death penalty Berith was last seen on thanksgiving phrase's girlfriend told police that he used a baseball bat to kill Barrett. Then burnt her body, which is never been found that girlfriend Lisa pleading guilty to tampering in the case, a guilty verdict just in from Tennessee. Where man is convicted of murder for the shooting and a national church two years ago that left one dead seven wounded prosecutors are seeking. In life without parole for Twenty-seven-year-old Emmanuel Samson, who had testified that because of mental illnesses, he didn't remember if you shot the church goers. But investigators say he left a note about revenge for the twenty fifteen massacre at a black church in South Carolina. He was convicted on all counts in less than five hours. President Trump approving a plan for more US troops in the Middle East about fifteen hundred including some already there. Fox's Lucas Tomlinson at the Pentagon. More troops could include engineers as well as drones and manned reconnaissance planes, as well as unmanned and are expected to deploy to the region soon other forces going in the region include a US air force fighter, jet squadron. It's unclear if it's fifteen or twenty twos. They will be used to beef up existing fighter jet squadrons currently deployed to the Middle East. It has driven by tensions with Iran, which reportedly are also being cited as the reason for clearing arms sales to Saudi Arabia, and other countries through.

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