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Now It's 48 and gathersburg And 45° in LATAM right now At 5 40 another trial is getting underway for a so called peaceful protester charged in connection with the January 6th attack at the U.S. capitol Coy Griffin a state official in New Mexico pushed for a bench trial so he would be tried by a judge and not a jury CBS News correspondent Scott mcfarlane has more Prosecutors say coy Griffin scaled a wall and a barricade and appeared on videos amid the mob January 6th their star witness is a videographer who testifies he made the trip with Griffin and has been given immunity to implicate Griffin Griffin also leads a group called cowboys for Trump which has a horse trailer and members parked outside and they say Griffin plans to depart this courthouse on horseback after the verdict Now Griffin is one of the few riot defendants who is not accused of entering the capitol or engaging in any violent or destructive behavior March is women's history month and today we recognize a woman who helped save an area that's been home to bald eagles for decades The mason neck area in Virginia serves as noises for the natural habitat that thrives there at least 50 bald eagles were spotted in the area last year Because there is so much greenery Corinna Velasquez mondragon is a manager at the Potomac river natural wildlife complex and says none of it would exist without Elizabeth hartwell a suburban housewife who fought to preserve the area in the 60s She is definitely a real champion in the fighter The refuge has since been renamed the Elizabeth hartwell mason neck national wildlife preserve and their continuing her work what Karina hopes residents will do Volunteering And then also just educating other people about the outdoors The Environmental Protection Agency adopts a hybrid workplace model and its office reentry plans which are set for May federal news networks jewelry heckman has more The EPA and the American federation of government employees agree to an 8 week phased reentry into the office But that agreement envisions a hybrid work environment where employees still either work remotely or routinely telework The agreement states no AFG bargaining.

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