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Inferior the U.S. players look, this guy has all the technical skill in the world. Let's update you on some health issues surrounding the U.S. men's national team. The injury watch, here's a bit of good news. Christian rolled on his back. He started played 76 minutes as a Seattle, played over the weekend, a loss to sporting Kansas City more on that. Later, but coming back from a groin injury. Good to see him back on the field nerd. Yeah, he's so important to Seattle's success and the recent success they had over the last few years. He missed the last 8 games. And in those 8 games, the sounder is possible 24 points could only pick up 7. Elsewhere, Tim wea didn't play, but he was on the matchday squad for Leo as they lost a two one to L'oreal on the weekend. Jonathan David got a goal. In the game, Leo currently sit 8th in the French table heart. It's a start foot injury kept him on the shelf. Now he's back. You gotta do. In case you missed it, Ted Lasso mania continues. This at the NFL game in London, Chris Richards Matt Turner from the men's team Lindsey ran to the women's team hanging with the Ted Lasso cast. Did you see it? I did see it. Look at that. Jason Sudeikis, you got coach beard. You got everybody there. Chris Richards. A little stash on them. Lindsey, all right, look, all right, I see you guys. Very, very cool. Yes, stars of soccer in the stars of the soccer television show Ted Lasso, hanging out at the NFL game. Who was it to Vikings and saints? Which actually had a field goal thriller right at the end, the double doink? Incredible stuff there. And Chris Richards with coach beer very cool. All right, speaking of the U.S. men's national team, you might see Luca del Tori on Sunday when self to face off against a Barcelona del toro played the 20 minutes. This past weekend, the selta beat Betty swan nothing. Regular season in the books. Here's a look at the table. Top four, that means they gonna buy into the quarterfinals. 5 through 12 are into the play in where we got some fascinating matchups. We also have some fascinating questions that are still lingering after the conclusion. Of the season. Let's start with the team near and dear to her heart. Who finished 5th, but some in our production team are saying they're actually the biggest threat to win the league almighty's title herc. Do you agree? Let me tell you why they think it's a bigger story. It's actually the first team to reach 30 points and not be in the top four. That's how good of a tournament was for a lot of these teams in the top four. But they are the biggest threat to everybody in that field. Besides

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