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And final our propriety dition of justice Andrew is under way back to the program coming up in about thirty five minutes from now badness heights city councilman Greg urban gonna join the show is put together a resolution that the city of that decides to move forward on that's pro trying to pressure the governor to allow things to open back up show that the individual cities and communities can come up with plans that are appropriate for their regions and their citizenry to get business moving in and try to get the economy back on track twenty million the twenty million more jobs just lost his vanished in April fourteen point percent unemployment records the record numbers not since the Great Depression and it all happened so fast and it can all be reversed I'm looking at this idiot on Twitter right and as I just have to look over the tweet my Twitter feed my timeline somebody retweeted it hello I got a hundred four thousand double check mark okay I don't follow somebody retweeted it some guy Travis Allen right I his his credibility comments in his in his tweet before I give you the tweet is this blocked by trump three times hi help Democrats it's not legally responsible for myself okay whatever so this is this is what he tweeted breaking the unemployment rate is now fourteen point seven percent thanks to trump hi this is been since the Great Depression the I just thanks thanks to Jeff yes that's right yes it's trump's fault right its job is faulty what about all the governors right now that are continuing the lockdowns and won't allow yeah doesn't matter he's easy to eat as well to point out that the narrative of I tried three times you know that makes me pretty special it's trump's fault that the entire world currency like all of everyone's economies are currently crashing no it's all trump's fault yeah no I'd I'd look we're joking and we're being facetious but people believe that yeah I know I don't believe that people believe that the only the only reason why why the United States has numbers tat is because trump the only reason people are and the reason the reason John that people don't have that that trump isn't doing anything about it is because the virus mostly kills black and brown people that's the reason I mean look it's insanity but people genuinely believe it that's where we are in this world right now representative bill Han Omar I don't line the start of a progressive agenda that calls for a lot of universal stuff she loves the word universal yes she really really does right here's what we need to make universal as a start she says healthcare school meals well by mail using the basic income okay why stop there hi I want why in their move to donuts and sanitizer gasoline please you know these rabbit heads yeah lawn mowing services Sam's universal Sam Kerr I agree everyone needs to have in their lives a pretty great in order to call for universal mail in voting follows her tweet from a day earlier echoing a similar message every registered voter should be allowed to vote by mail in the future elections no questions no questions asked just don't over no questions asked yeah yeah and and you know what else should be allowed to Milano Mars world DFL representatives and and and and activists should be allowed to collect those vote by mail ballots and do whatever the hell they want with them no questions asked well the scary part is we have an attorney general here in the state that actually agrees with us I know you know Kentucky keeps two thousand degree agrees with all of this yep they're lunatics they and they're and they're pushing vote by mail so hard and I really do feel like that's the that's the endgame here for governor walls with the shut downs like he's not going to he's not going to grant us us the anaconda me until we agree to expand vote by mail which we already have in Minnesota if you want to vote by mail Minnesota you can right now today not today but when there's an election you could vote today I guess if you want I don't know what your vote on but you could certainly put a ballot in the mail he felt like it but there's universal vote by mail already no questions asked no excuse vote by mail I think they call it here in Minnesota but what they want is that they they want more than that so they're pushing this narrative that now you know we don't have a vote by mail in Minnesota we need to expand it you don't you don't need to expand on what they want is valid artistic right what they want is DFL activists to be able to come to your house take your ballot from you and then you're just going to cross your fingers and hope that it ends up where it needs to end up and that it does that it ends up with the same votes that you cast on it because you have no idea what happens to it after that point I'm not an end this is so funny I was I was talking with Melinda about this yesterday because she was concerned about this and and you know we talked about this when it comes to the to the electoral votes right in the the ball deep the attempts to abolish the electoral college like I'm not necessarily worried about it's I'm not necessarily worried about it right now I'm worried about it in the future like I don't think they're going to be able to get it right now I think they're gonna try right I think they're going to try but when you look at the course of the pandemic right now we are on the downside like if we were still on the up climb right if we were still in the in the in the midst of this and it was four weeks ago we were still talking think about all the V. catchphrases were not using right got to flatten the curve peak I'm talking about those anymore governor walls two weeks ago was testing testing testing Rigondeaux testing really the end of the talking about testing anymore they've got a plan for testing in long term care for so we're going to get to that yet but the good news is we're on the downslope right and things are gonna start opening back up so I'm less worried about the still hot Mars of the world in the key thousands of the world they're gonna they're gonna play lip service to this they're going to try to talk about it they're gonna put their planting seeds it's a future that concerns me is that gonna happen I don't think a mail in vote is going to happen this year they're going to have an impact on on this selection just in terms of the time line in terms so the wave of the pandemic is playing out I just don't see that happening but they're planting seeds and that's a that's the frightening part if it's not this year it'll be the next year or it'll be the next crisis where they planted enough seeds I do not share your optimism I do not I have to live that way are also go inside do not share your optimism at all and they may not get they may not get the and I don't think they'll get the ballot harvesting initiatives that they're pushing for in Minnesota this year I don't think that'll happen because of all the pandemic in covert related stuff although you know with governor walls acting like a little you know dictator Kim Jong walls out there you know doing whatever you want he's an executive decree you know this so who knows it may happen but they what they're still going to cheat they're still good teacher they're still going to do everything they can to try to cheat in this election to try to cut corners because that's what they do yeah and if anybody doesn't think that's what they do all you have to look at is how vociferously and passionately they fight against things like as simple as voter ID right the concept is simple is just Hey you say your name is Tim Smith you want to come vote in this election yeah did you have an ID to prove that you are indeed Tim Smith the subject the mere suggestion of that is met with such outrage and and it is met with cries of racism and all of these things right so they fight because the reason why is because they like to cheat they're very good at cheating they have no common sense and they don't care to anyone another example look at the way that that that Papa Jim governor Papa Jim is in you know Kim union can journals look at the way that governor walls is handling this pandemic we we highlighted it we highlighted this earlier it did the the the closures and the stay at home orders and the criterium place talked about or represented Tom in the last hour if you missed it be sure you listen to the seven o'clock hour podcasts on the I heart radio I've noted that it lacks complete and total common sense okay common sense it's completely irrational right we're gonna let the candy store open up because well they sell candy and they've also been sizzles on groceries and they're they're people like it and it's right next to the the the the road so we're gonna let that open up you know but you know you have gas limitations you can't stay overnight if you want to go camping you can go there but you got to come back you gotta do what you know and what is it like a ten hour round trip if you want to do you can't spend the night you wanna go camping so in that sense makes as well to this they don't need the complete lack of desire to have any common sense it was governor walls in German cinema go out of the plane press walls is expanding corona virus testing for nursing homes as that's part of a five point plan for long term care centers he's making moves based off of media coverage and narratives yeah we're talking about this weeks ago weeks ago we were talking about this when he was when he spent an entire day with all these experts touting all this testing we're going to do we're going to lead the country in testing and you guys did this we were talking here about the fact that the vast majority vote majority of people dying or nursing homes and I applied for two weeks later there's no talk of testing they're never going to get there slash everybody they're never given the five thousand tests today it's never gonna happen if the government they have it it it's in early two thousand test today we don't even need five thousand that is not even talking about it I don't need it what we need is a plan to take care of people in long term care first of all we need to be talking about getting them out but why can't we have the conversation about why was it never suggested that if you've got a family member in one of these long term care facilities you need to you maybe you should figure out a way that they can come live with you for a little while that used to be very common you know you have you have generations living together and and and people taking care of their parents if you've got a parent or grandparent in one of these long term care facilities why didn't the state ever highly recommend that you figure out a way that they could come live with you for a little while that was never put out there that I saw anyway let's go talk to bill implements wants to comment on L. Han Omar in her list of things that should be universal good morning bill Hey good morning everybody the bill Arnold learned although Democrats than their constituents are shorter than universal everything I think you should invest in universal work so people can work for free all soul about universal we just make sure everybody has a job to get out of that well we and we we we've highlighted this before I saw another story this morning about how you know what about the people that are scared to come back to work yeah that's a big question yeah they're pushing that hard you shouldn't you shouldn't have to be forced to go back to work even though you know you go do you go to the.

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