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I mean if you put them together appeal gets up there for the most players traded in in one trade it's got to be close i can't think of anything this large scale area is was excited that he finally got moody a on the knicks we go with you you only the twelve person to meet the joke quit yes akg man by the way other as shit that this shit that maury said is twenty because i'm in a group chat with two mitch fans in my home eagles who the fuck is moody out even noticed kid of their home because a ton of like the vicar of all he was a high draft pick a few years ago he's got some loves a milk and just like that they'd be fooled into thinking that this is actually gonna work out with the knicks oh man so he adds that if you put it all together there is ten players traded for the cavs in that makes it the third the fourth largest trade of all time nobody what i guess what the center pieces of the the biggest trades were uh shawn bradley assam bradley in like a like a fourteen cleared by fourteen trade using a nine player trade oca same thing at thirteen players was a antoine walker to the heat for a ton of peoples twelve players with senator around glen rice and horace grant in two thousand and then eleven players now men steve francis uh to the rockets would tyree cabins have been traded if more people referred to him by his underrated nickname arri cavic debts the j christie i like that one and do much better than on the serving alsita.

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