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Just a little bit a little bit less but i mean as milken says i think they're not going to get past the first hurdle but it it's it's extremely concerning to see to see what comes what comes of this well let's move along and look closer to where we all sitting specifically at the east london suburb of wolfram stove this is a couple of local citizens have won the commendation of the mp for perpetrating an act of principle vandalism billboard advertising a police program called proof depicting to act as the from clyde inflec jackets and toting pistols has been whimsically defaced the weapons overlaid with cartoons of a carrot and a hairdryer the you can do quite serious damage with both of those things the it consultant and schoolteacher who defaced the ad said they thought the billboard was an inappropriate addition to the streetscape of an area which has suffered some of london's recent spike in stubbings and shootings daniel first of all basically do we agree with what they have done here the vandals says it were as yes yeah i absolutely think so i think this is a very small gesture and i'm honestly surprised that it doesn't happen more often we see these we see these kind of billboards in these advertisements and movie trailers and and they are very violent and i often questioned when flipping through you know the selections on on netflix and things why we continue to make more shows about violence and it isn't this but isn't this somebody won't to address the the question that this is this is the marilyn manson columbine argument isn't the idea that people are incapable of sort of separating amusement from real life and also i think it's not in it's it's not small part of the issue here is that the two people depicted toting guns on the bill boot police officers this supposed to have guns and also it's not it's not selling.

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