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In their pretty wild man. That is awesome. So here was steve. Nash he'll take something from this game even if he says not really in the beginning you don't take anything except the opportunity guys develop and play. Get an opportunity so Detroit and and hopefully s guys back to play al-aziz developed guess today alison johnson. Johnson johnson developed johnson. You're twenty three points. He barely missed had fifteen rebounds like he was the guy last night for the nets knives allergies out. How you say it was allen johnson. I'll say terry. Allison johnson johnson. Which does sound like alicea johnson. Quite frankly it's the way it goes. So they lose whatever their thirty and fifteen on the season. They'll play detroit night. And we'll see if james johnson what i don't believe johnson played really a johnson. Johnson jerry. Why did you say that. Say what feel you john. Silvia johnson. don't i have no idea. I'm sure craig baited me into that. At some point back day. I have no clue. There is one funny thing so bleacher. Report has video of brian scallop greeny and a gym just shooting. Hoops and a high school kid comes over. I guess because he's probably probably will heavy now at this point will slow footed and challenges in twelve one on one to wear a scallop. Greenie takes them on some eleven. Nothing it's actually quite funny to watch it and then after that did a podcast. Radio dot com. It's a great story on everybody today and the kid got paid hundred. Grand is that all. I've heard bigger numbers fifty. I've heard that. Karen avert had twenty eight pacers beat the pistons won sixteen won eleven. Khris middleton twenty seven and thirteen bucks over the celtics one. Twenty-one nineteen milwaukee has now won eight straight games also the hornets one and so they're twenty two and twenty one as they're One game less than the loss. Column the knicks. You also had the hawks fall to twenty two and twenty two as they lost the kings by two one. Ten one zero eight knicks wizards coming up later tonight and the trade deadline is at three pm today. The jet signed former. Niners running back. Kevin coleman the giants finalized their contract with ties into kyle rudolph. Who says this was the perfect fit for me. There's a reason why i came here. And the reason one of the many reasons is because of the way this organization is run from the top down..

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