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Denise Fernandes is at marsh harbour I have never seen anything like this in my life the damage we're seeing right now is John it he really I can tell you that one of the rooms I'm from the hold how blew off during is about a hundred eighty miles east of west Palm Beach Florida mayor Keith James even the slightest deviation from Dorian's projected path to be a catastrophic event for our community in recent history there been few threats justification as a threat that hurricane Dorian poses and in Texas we now know more about the shooter in Saturday's attack ABC's Alex down the gunman has been identified by police as thirty six year old Seth and toward the F. B. I. has been executing a search warrant at a home agents believe was his neighbors say the owner often fired guns from his property in that he was well known to police this is ABC news the son of a reggae legend is hoping to open a pot dispensary in the northeast as ABC's tight ends Rohan Marley and Colorado based dispense relied shade have applied to open a medical marijuana dispensary in Montclair New Jersey state officials recently announced a limited number of licenses will be made available for cannabis cultivation and retail dispensaries Marley raised his five children in south orange that said the statement that his family in Jamaica has long advocated the medical benefits of marijuana is dad Bob Marley who died in nineteen eighty one was devoted to the ras Tafari in faith that regards cannabis as spiritually important role and said he would help with the dispensaries marketing and hiring taught and ABC news and pope Francis urging leaders to take action now on climate change ahead of the U. N. climate action summit later this month the pope also asking people to stop using fossil fuels the pontiff's appeal markings beating of several weeks of prayers by Christians to raise awareness about pollution and the exploitation of natural resources UT on ABC news thanks.

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