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Capital vote show, March eighth through tenth as a Dulles expo center. Enter to win at WM AL dot com slash contests. Don't miss the markdowns at the national capital boat show with votes for every budget all under one roof, plus free education seminars and experts on hand to answer your questions the national capital boat show, March eighth through tenth at the Dulles expo center when your tickets. At AOL dot com slash contests. Hi, this is Richard KARN. How from TV's home improvement. I know a thing or two about cordless power tools. They let you work anywhere and help you get lots of projects done all over the house because they're powered by rechargeable batteries, which by the way could be recharged. Thousands of times. Eventually, though, a retractable battery just won't hold a charge. You're going to need a new one. But you know, what to do with the old one easy recycling? That's right old rechargeable batteries, can and should be recycled. It's easy. It's free and it helps protect the environment. Home improvement centers hardware. Stores and retailers. Everywhere are participating in the nonprofit nationwide called a recycle program to find a retractable battery collection site near you. Call eight seven seven to recycle or visit us online at called a recycle dot org. Together, we can protect the environment by recycling old rechargeable batteries. Please answer. The call two recycle. Paralyzed veterans of America, national service officers we've got an charge of men and women were seen war. They're going to need force advocates. Paralyzed. America is here to how we're going to make sure that the veterans affairs gives them everything that they're entitled to get all the healthcare. They need making a person's house adaptable for them to go back, home and live education, manifests. Let's focus on getting a job. And if something happens to the veteran, you know, we're the spouses, advocate, we help our various for free the way that paralyzed veterans of America. Does that is through their national service officers that are located throughout the United States work is important because people depend on us. And they know when they come to paralyzed veterans of America, they're going to get the right answer. And they know that we're there for them.

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