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To kill other human beings is but for the real world of ridiculous comic notion and if if we were in a sane world it's simple right now the damage has been done that's been done to the environment the only thing we should have to talk to the saudis about his hey how's that patchy tree go rogue growing that you guys planted because ours is going pretty good in this sector but we're really gonna need a little more water in that sector and in a sane world that's where we are so i liked to go into alliteration and and and and and the technology of the mechanisms of war in this thing from a desert is bob honey who just do stuff that's this thing and that's sean penn get the book folks get the book it's a glorious read out and and and work but but worth it but i think what you have the philly of accomplishment when you swallow and yeah i love this time we spend together thank you at all of the above thank sean thank you both main life this day and night so i'm norman lear and you can find it should you wish to hunt me down you can find me on facebook instagram and twitter norman lear and you can find me on facebook instagram and twitter at all.

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