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The rule and i preferred to take the two shot penalty and then start from there versus letting go all the way down the hill and and see how much worse it could get but no one's buying that fits and it's one of those is the penalty worse than is the cover up worse than the crime a thousand percent and and believe me i get it like how many times you've played putt putt and you hit it and it's going to you know it's going to the water you just want to dive in save it or pick up the ball in throw it at somebody i understand the loss of emotion here a don't blow me up i'm not acquainting real gold for putt putt but you're absolutely right it's jr smith all over again jr smith comes out at the into game one of the nba finals and says you know what guys in the moment i blew it i lost track of the score had no idea what was going on it's my fault i've got to be a better pro at the moment was bigger than i was i screwed up we stopped talking about it we don't we still talk about it we have about it's a one sided conversation it's that was idiotic i can't believe he did that it doesn't it doesn't become an ongoing list bait right we believe him right should he have said it the first time would he be answering questions about it in the locker room before game to not the same i mean the fact is then all of a sudden you're you're looking at you like well what's he really mean by this and what did he say when it makes it difficult to trust anything about one eight tells you when you realize that in that moment he's absolutely trying to feed you a line of garbage and we're all smarter than that the modern sports fan is smarter than the line of garbage that athletes in golfers are trying sell to sell its benefits on espn radio and brandel chamblee was on with golick mingle this morning gulf janelle analyst and he believes it should have been disqualified but when it came in and he said that he did it strategically and he did.

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