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To the tech sign at two eight six zero zero four six wheels correctly points out if there was if he wanted to get me personally to open up a virus on the computer to call at ice cold pa right here would absolutely draw click for me he could steal all my information and destroy my computer by putting icicle bud light here on it especially if he puts sequel because they did the second billy dili which i would say that the dili dili with force i don't think he even float within the commercial by the way but be that as it may i would say that uh that would definitely give me to open up the virus um the widow of wayne said we would you even you even up as big of a fan of dili dili as you are right you would admit that that was a very forced dili dili in the new the pitted misery why are you be quiet billy billy right exactly what i do to my wife all the time but that is made his hands i thought it was i was got in trouble today because she was a you know when you bandana why it times and they they liked talk to you for like a minute but they touched on like 12 topics and you're not you're not sure which one you're supposed to absorb defeated fiji's use answer dili i know i did by had like this dili billy i gave her that he ever put their hand the i don't know why did it because he was mad at me and i was like how much supposed to follow dili dili pitted misery for you the bility for.

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