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The wrong direction we do it naturally yes you can absolutely let me give you one example garlic for example so we are back to garlic again karlic garlic i'll tell you what i'm let me explain it to and you'll love garlic too so in penicillin what's the active ingredient in penicillin it's right there's only one thing right so you got you know you're taking your penicillin you got all these bugs most of them die but some of them figure it out right and they get around the penicillin and that's i actually penicillin the super the antibiotic resistance to penicillin is the progenitor of mercer look you know the current mercer that we're having and the same thing like tetracycline right powerful antibiotic but it's only got one active ingredient tetracycline so eventually some bugs they're going to figure that out and reproduce and then you know you're tetracycline is no more you know no longer viable anymore well antibiotic garlic has at least twenty five to thirty five known antibiotic antiviral antifungal constituents and they're still learning more about it so when you get a bunch of bugs going up against that many things they never figure it out right well i mean even a bug doesn't want to go by garlic i guess you know i mean just been used for thousands and thousands of years and it has not you know become you know we haven't had super bugs have beat it yet they got some ice guy right and i forget what thousands of years old.

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