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Do not at all played against the Yes. Women love exercise classes in a way that men don't and if a guy went in it would probably feel a little exercise class at Golden. I was the third weakest woman in there like there. There were eight. There was a class of thirteen people. People I was in terms of strength. I think I came in tenth anytime I do any of like Yoga. Pilates I mean women are way more flexible. The guys in there like yes. But that's what I'm saying but the amount my point is there are like we have different hormones and different inclinations like women they always like to use them for the closet. None of but women are more. Socially adapt women are better at building. Consensus scientifically women are better managers jurors in that regard because they're better at building consensus that's been proven in study after study so to the same point will accept the positive. Is it of things about women but we but anything negative like now that sexism did say we're forever. They said women are good at multitasking. And everyone was fine with that. And then if you go women are low about science you know it's only been primed into what I'm saying is which ones are we accepting if we accept the positive you gotta accept accept the negative when I love exercise classes here nothing. There are innate differences that we all notice between men and women sure K.. Women Love Exercise Classes Justice. You going thank you. Women love exercise classes. Men kind of don't I I don't think it's just in us is like manner like no one. You can't teach this. I won't be a part of a class. Was Women are like. This'll be fun. Where together? It'll be shared responsibility and all that same thing of we're good at at consensus building goes into why women enjoy exercise classes more than men men in love a platoon women love a class swelled killing Women love of men. Women Love Exercise Class in a way that men don't and I don't know what it means and I think I mean the assumption of makers because women are more social than I. I just think there's there's a lot of these two project that onto things like science like that really has to do with comprehension and your understanding of something. I don't think as any bearing on and I know that's not what you're saying but it's hard to take this example of exercise clubs and platoon and projected on why women aren't even small Mina in these fields. You know like why. They're obsolete in some of them. Yes you do see innate differences between men and women right. Yeah Yeah So. Could that possibly apply to one of these fields. Whether it's you know the here's a sexist interpretation of this. The women don't want to sit in a fucking room by themselves like a fucking loser for a decade that that would be my the sex of the lack of of patents. And lack of beets is is like men feel like we have to earn to disguise point and we have to earn our status so to speak are like sexual viability and we do it by accomplishments. Where women do it by being being good looking men have to do this to this guy's point that's my sex and it's probably wrong but it's my brain spit it out? I do think that the industries we're talking about these extraordinary people. These are people who are pioneering these industries and smart people and people who who didn't just take computer science classes but are like getting you know pivotal roles in that industry and somehow women aren't so we're not just China run of the mill right but still so there's a hundred to one men to women of extraordinary what you're saying. No I don't think saying that's it innately true. I'm just saying that the idea that Oh. I don't want to be in a room all day because like I like being social and I don't WanNa do that. I think we're not talking about. I think there's obviously differences in men and women but these pioneers in the industry. You know I think they. I think they have a lot more in common than just their. I don't know gender generalizations. I think like a woman there. I'm sure there's a woman out there that does want to do that. That is as good at comprehension and that is like fuck. What getting my nails done? I won't do that. She's still prevention right. But I think that that's that's who thirty GINSBURG is or Schumer. Any the whoever pick a person or a different any of these people like. I don't think that these people I don't think able to do is short on glamour or any of that stuff and maybe i. I don't know what I'm saying. Is there could be a potential gender difference in some of these things and I think it's you're not allowed to say you're not supposed to say that you know it's because it was like maybe they just don't WanNa fucking sit in a room like a fucking loser for and smoke weed and or whatever people like beat makers a lot to sit there and smoke with their boys and then fuck around and then the science one. I don't understand. I don't think it's because women aren't good side. I just don't understand why men have so many fucking invent everything I just don't understand documented. I know I know I don't that is a good idea. You imagine how many women have been like not approved. I'm not saying it's a bias against women. I don't know if it is. I don't know if you have to prove what gender you are when you apply for it. I'm just saying you know I don't know I don't know enough and you're right in that if it were black people and white people. I'd be like well because they don't want programs like it would be in my explanation very simple and I would never dare say. Might there be innate differences between black people white people right. No you'd never say that but I do you think you particularly do like to poke at these gender roles that we as I do and I feel like you're a little bit less open to like absolutely jumping to sexism absolutely i. It's my comfort zone. I will also say that I do think that at the average black guy on the street is funnier than most white comedians. So again I'm I when I see it I'm honest about like rock. Every black earth has stage presence which is basically saying. Let's wrap it up that's enough you've had enough podcast podcast. You had to fill and the PODCAST. Now I think you know what's good bye uh-huh and took the..

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