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So i want to hear what what you love about podcasting and when i say that i say it because i think for me i had to use my voice to find it and i. I like to say that. Because until when i started i didn't i was like i just need to. I wanted my reputation but in like talking about things and force myself to use my voice. I kind of found. There's this trend. Like i keep talking about these things because when you get out of your head and you're just you're forced to talk every week you start to come up with. This is what. I'm kind of pissed off about today. This is what i'm talking about. There's a trend and so by using it. I kind of found like what i want to be passionate about before you like when you started to get into podcasting or even just now like what is it about podcasting. That is really you up and made you kind of focus on that. I've always had a strong opinion. And i've never really been afraid to speak my mind like public. Speaking never frightened me. I can't remember one distinct moment in high school. It was kinda one of those lazy days where the class wasn't doing anything. And i i just went to the first class and i just started talking to everybody and asking people questions and it was like open forum where we will just have it as mass discussion. It was about basketball. But i was standing in front of the class talking to everybody. We're argued about sports. My professor is like easier going to be a comedian republic speaker. And i was like oh of non much to do that so i can't ignore it later on in college. Isos forced to take a public speaking class. And at the time. I still was speaking publicly yet but i wanted me take discourse and actually did it and i attended and everything and i loved it and has been one of the best things ever so they got me so deep into podcasting is it's a way arcane consistently like you say use my voice in share my thoughts opinions on different things. It's just it's freedom for me. This is frida. I love it. I could not imagine life without it now. You have a show called the personal branding. Playbook it's one of your shows you of a few and in that show you talk about building personal brands podcasting and more one of the episodes you talked about. Why podcasting is the future. And i want to be fully biased. 'cause i always hold my whole my punches back mike. Well you could also do a youtube. You can also do a blog for me. Podcasting is what's right. Let's talk about that a little bit like. Why is podcast future. Because i want to convince some people today to just get off their butts and like try man now is the time i keep trying to tell people time because five years ago when i started podcasting people looked at me crazy. My family literally asked me. Why are you talking to yourself in a closet awesome. It was crazy years ago. now it's mainstream. everybody either has a show or they know somebody with what so. Now's the perfect time to start with. Because they are so popular right so the main reason. Why park has it gives. A future is because of the networking aspect. This is probably the most underrated feature of hosting a show. When you're host of apart as you don't always have to do interviews. In fact i advise you don't always interviews but you get to connect with some amazing people and they teach you so much like i've learned a lot from having conversations with people there. Were all my show. We built amazing relationships and in those same people some of them come back on my show again like bestselling authors like millionaires they. I've learned so much from these people. It's like my own masterclass like so the networking aspect is like the top for me. Yeah i think it's the same for me. And it wasn't what i thought when i went into it when i went into it i was like i want to this so that i can create content and so that i can become known for something and i was like what when i started interviewing people in fact when i started show it was a solo show and thirty episodes only solo show but i got coaching. 'cause i was like i love podcasting but i want to do it. That guy so. I found someone that was doing it well. And it turned out that like adding interviews changed everything for me because the networking it opened up doors and now and i introduced myself to people that i really said of being a fan boy and saying hey i love what you do. Love your book and i can be like. Hey i actually like to get into your book and ask you some questions that got you know to really dive deeper on something and they love that and i love all. They love it authors. Love it because it's like you first of all you bought my book. I appreciate that. Oh you wanna talk to me of book. Oh for sure like very rarely. Do i reach out for an interview and a person is like no. I don't wanna do that like it's very tell people all the time like the best part of the is you get to network and then everybody you wanna talk to wants to talk to you now. You will have a few. that are like busy. Maybe later this year but most of them are going to say yes. It's very rare that they're like nah. I don't wanna talk to you at all. That's very rare. I'm curious about your opinion on getting people started. And how you get them to go. And then i'll give you mine. But how do you get people started. What's like your path step one-two-three if you had to give someone a sequence to follow to be. Oh may step one is to have a goal for your show to many podcasts star with no go there just like i kinda wanna to sponsor i would like to sellable or i just want host. Show wanna talk. Whatever your decision is. That's fine but you have to have one goal. Step two is to have a theme for your show because if you just talking about everything and it's which is up every week i'm not subscribing. I'm pretty sure every park has listeners. Like this you have certain shows that are for entertainment for a certain type entertainment. You have go shows that you go to for news. Maybe have educational shows. So you have to figure out what you're famous for show and number three is to really have a direction like are you gonna do. Seasons isn't going to be solo. The it up a bit a what's your style of producing your show so the first stages for me. It's always planning like plan i am. I forgot how the saying goes. Who said it. What is it a sharpened a knife for ninety nine times and cut once measure nine times and cut once there. It is so it's the same day Exactly i think my my stepdad. You say measure twice. Cut once so that you don't like yeah you can mess up the would you don't want you cut it right. You've got it wrong your script. I love that now. I'd say the same thing. Honestly when i get people on a call i offer you know by talking for twenty minutes for free. It's no problem. I can't teach you how to watch a whole show but at twenty minutes. I bet you will get you in the vicinity of what the show is going to be about. Because if i asked you just a few questions you are the one who knows not just your the realm you know the the category you wanna be in but you typically know what it is. It makes you different. You just haven't said it out loud enough times for to for you to hear yourself. So i think if i can give people there to where they have a sense of. This is what i want to talk about. Then the fires lit up inside of them. And if you can get the show somewhat named even then like then it's their baby and like they're off to the races and then from there like don't worry about the people getting it done better than than perfect and i'm like i have mixed feelings about that but for me. I'm more like getting it done to where you've recorded something and not distributed it not putting. It tunes that literally just record some things a couple episodes solo interview. Whatever records some things. You can get a sense of what this could be for you if i can get you there and just tell you. Those couple of things might help you with that. Then i think you're golden and once you've experienced it then you'll have the passion to want to learn the things that are harder usually stop people though. Yeah yeah man. Because you know it's funny coming from the basketball world it's normalized for athletes and players to invest in himself to get better like that's a normal thing. If i'm telling you i'm working on going to the olympics are higher three trainers and i have a nutritionist. You will look at me crazy and say oh. That's good do well but podcasters don't have this approach to podcasting yet. It is worrisome to me because the industry is becoming bigger and bigger and bigger and more money being poured into it. But if you're not a podcast you can't see any of those benefits is not gonna work so you have to invest in yourself as a host to get better at your craft like you wanna learn how to interview and be a great interview. You have to learn that you don't just wake up one day and you're amazing at it because you wished it on night. It doesn't work like that. So i think we need to make it normal for people to invest in themselves to become a better park.

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