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But also a variety of other options that you can use for example, booking a makeup session rights there at the store. We can also see us, which is one of the biggest UK retailers when it comes to fashion. They created their own voice book, which is called n king, which is converse conversational interface that acts like a personal shopper for you. That can also remembers your selections propose, something and also inform. You about the offers. So it's really amazing to see those big players experimenting with voice, but we also have to remember that these are the very early years of voice and companies going there. But what we are seeing is that whenever accompany is into experiments and innovation. They are probably already doing something with voice. So it's really amazing because almost every single week. We are seeing another huge implementation being late. Wow. That's that's a good point too. In. Say a smaller business is looking to getting the voice face may be his bigger players would be a good option to point towards the say, hey, look, Carol donnas implementing, you know, pizza ordering the. Skill. Yes. She actually I remember reading something on your guy's case study about that other figures, Mike how many pizzas or whatever actually being ordered through the Domino's Letsie scale. So these this that we got into is that through the first weeks of the skill being enrolled in the US. They're twenty percent of all mobile orders transferred to Alexi. So the situation when like that. So whenever you're coming home, and you want to have your pits delivered. You are not reaching to your phone, but rather asking a device, so Lexi or Jimmy my favorite pizza and there's go, so it's basic go. Hey, so coming back to this friction less experienced, this is it. So you're coming home being very tired and. You don't have to even look for your phone because the only thing you need is this one sentence. I think that's really cool. You mentioned the relief thing there is like when you're designing these voice interactions remembering past user sessions. Like, hey, if the Lexi device can recall that you really like pepperoni pizza or you actually like this type of pizza that that can be a useful thing if you're coming back and reordering something that you're constantly ordering. Past sessions in build a tailored experience to that user kinda like cookies are or accounts are in the sense of common web ordering. Yeah. Like this idea in general expanse beyond ordering pizzas, but generally into a virtual assistance. Was really important when you're figuring about conversation experiences. Sa- make good use of personalization and the like remem- knowing of making use of those facts, you know, about your customers.

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