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Bid winners from Tuesday night. Not auto bit situation, but I have to bring this up on the pod. UMass Lowell, the school that Elvis Presley graduated from. His prideful Alma mater. When a school record 27th game on Tuesday night, by advancing in the America east conference tournament, beating New Hampshire. Before this season, and basically before this podcast started acknowledging and talking about what people refuse to talk about, and that's Elvis connection to UMass Lowell. Before that happened, program had never won more than 16 games. And that was in 1906. 1906. So, one of my favorite mid major conference title games, breakfast, breakfast ball, UVM hosts, UMass Lowell, Saturday morning in the America east title game. We will get in at least I will try and shoehorn in a word or two on the Friday paw at GP about that one. But you know I had to bring up UMass law. I'm seeing, I'm seeing some questions here. I appreciate that. I'll hit a few of these on the way out the door. 18 minutes, can I get done in 12 minutes? No, no chance, no chance. And it's okay. It's okay. Because I was going to actually, I was actually going to ask you and granted we were going to talk about, I know we're going to talk about coaching openings or last people code. But if I saw this in the chat and I thought it was a really good question. If Charleston gets to the second round, how interested should an ACC team maybe a Clemson maybe in order Dane be interested in pat Kelsey? Certainly there will be interest with both of those schools. Clemson will see actually brownell, I think brownell might hang on. We'll see, but don't get booted with a 15 point loss in your first ACC tournament game. Not that one game should matter, but something like that can carry a lot of volume. So you want to avoid that. But no, there's certainly potential for that was told that Georgia Tech we'll see if it does or doesn't open, but passenger. I'll get to coaches that are potentially waiting in the wind here. I was told Kelsey wouldn't be it would not be a name for Georgia Tech on that. I'll get to a few of the questions before we get out of here. But let's talk about some auto bits that are getting handed out on Wednesday night. I'm giving you, listen, I got this mic, it's just me, gotta be honest. It feels a little bit we are talking so long. I'm waiting for Paris to chime in with the 9 minute monologue. My guys on an airplane right now. It feels good. Let's go. You got it. So let's talk a little bit more small school stuff. We've had 11 teams in the tournament. Three more auto beds will be handed out Wednesday so we're going to be at 14. And here's what I like about this. See, the real ones know that for years and years and years and years, this Wednesday, the Tuesday always had like a 5 pack of auto bits. And then Wednesday, you just had the patriot league. But the commissioners at the southland and the big sky, they were smart. They changed the format of their conference tournament. Now, there is something to be said for do we want to have our league finish on a Monday and Tuesday and Wednesday before selection Sunday. So then our teams are just sitting for a while. They might be getting a little bit cold on the shelf. Yeah, there is something to that, but I actually think there's also something to having your conference tournament in a place on television where you're going to get more attention. And so the southland is no longer buried on the Saturday with 14 other auto bids getting handed out. And a lot of those being power conference. The big sky, no longer buried. Although this tip time isn't the greatest. Might want to see if you can move it up a little bit earlier because the east coasters are not sticking around for this. Here's your schedule for Wednesday in the auto bits. Southland championship, ESPN2 5 eastern. So when you're done watching CBS sports on college basketball, CBS Sports Network four to 5 with me and GP on Wednesday. Check on over to the southland. It's 21 and ten northwestern state whose Corey Gibson their coach is very hot name to bump up in the mid major ranks there. Going against 22 and ten, Texas stating them Corpus Christi Steve let's former Purdue assistant, a former creighton assistant. That's a really, really good south on championship game. A couple of really, really good teams. That's 5 eastern ESPN2. On CBS Sports Network, 7 30 eastern, as always, we do carry the patriot league championship game. Lafayette is the 7th seed, and this is going up against a monster. At Colgate, the best three point shooting team in the country, Matt Langley's team is although it has not been able to pull off the upset the way that it has been buzzed about in recent seasons. Team is shooting 41% from three this season. That is best in the country and certainly will be a factor in the NCA tournament. It's also a top ten team from two point range. Just really, really great on offense. Has one loss since December 22nd as Colgate. A one point loss at American a month ago. It's a hot team expected to win Matt lengel is another coach that you need to know about because he's won, who should get a bigger, like it's time, man. He's won 201 games at Colgate since 2011 in the past 5 years. He's a 111 and 42. It's time. What's taking so long? I know saint John's fans, if that job opens, they're going to be pining for Pitino or another big name. And you might get them. But if I'm St. John's AD Mike crag, why am I not giving Matt langle a shot? He's definitely taking that job. The scheme he runs will, I think it can, I think it can work at the biggest level personally. We'll see. Langles are really good coach. I expect Colgate to win by double digits and get back to the NCAA tournament.

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