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Friday PG thirteen appropriate for children under thirteen. Moore says to us now Steve McIntosh fires continue to burn in California, captain Steve Kauffman of the Ventura County fire department says the campfire in northern California continues to destroy homes and buildings total number of damaged structures. As of right now is ninety two our total number of destroyed structures. As of right now is seven thousand one hundred and seventy seven at least forty two people have died in the California fires authorities say a woman has died after she was pulled from a burning suburban Kansas City house fire. The Kansas City star report 67-year-old Leonora March was rescued Sunday night from the basement of overland park, Kansas home officials said an unusually that she was rushed to a hospital where she later died. Democrats are continuing to chalk up victories in midterm elections. Giving the party more to cheer about than originally thought on election night. The latest congressional seat to flip came with democrat Kirsten cinemas win eras. Senate race in the house. Democrats have picked up at least thirty two seats and lead in races for four more. Dozens of transgender women and gay men in the caravan moving through Mexico with hopes of seeking asylum in the United States have banded together for protection not from the uncertainty of a journey, but from fellow travelers sunny today with a high of thirty six degrees. Now, partly cloudy and nineteen KFI news. Now, I'm Steve McIntosh. This is Stephen.

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