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Day child sitting in a super heroes power wheels card decked out in a red silk Cape and mask choking down the hallway of St Anne's hospital driving themselves straight into the art David code there's four year old daughter Leah was very anxious heading into surgery to get her tonsils out and the super heroes card helps calm and distract her usually when you come to a hospital is no toys of things this I believe it's gonna be a good thing for the hospitals the hospital's Diane di access the whole way has been transformed for the children's get well where we have stop signs we created a race track actually so the kids can follow that so it makes it easier for them eight year old Jack fear on says the superhero cars are the bomb I mean it's really cool so kids not scared to like gonna surgery given time the cliff WBZ Boston's news radio cancer patients with student debt are about to get a break I'm very non people undergoing cancer treatment once approved now can have their student loan payment suspended without interest the US department of education is accepting requests for this new type of deferment there is no time limit borrowers whose cancer may recur for as long as five years after treatment will be eligible to seek another deferment this benefit affecting more than five thousand borrowers applies to federal loans made on or after September twenty eighth twenty eighteen Gary non CBS news and one fifty the next few weekends those notorious college moving days and Yukon's new president Thomas cancellata saying that he will be curbside in a T. shirt and sneakers this weekend helping students all those boxes up the stairs and of those new dorm rooms you con is welcoming nearly fifty five hundred freshmen this year the school says about forty one percent are students of color the highest percentage in Yukon history it's now one fifty one on WBZ the sunshine is finally out in Boston some clouds still hanging around we'll tell you about their weekend forecast plus it's go time now on this Friday.

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