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I just I'm very very curious to see what the results of this will be if they're going. I mean, I know they say gas guests data's deleted. But surely there's gonna be a graph at the end that also not I'm asleep. If I could if I could ask listeners to do do me personally favor won't speak for flow. But this is all on me. If if Google the second time, I almost said apples at a Google as if Google were to create this as a product, well, let's say Google every developer gets one of these bands. And there's an API, and there's going to be like consumer level ones things. I'm going to predict that the knee jerk. Think piece from most of the commentators is going to be. The only mistake they made was they made it a wristband they should make it bigger. So you could actually wear it as a collar around your neck because that will make you completely into Google's dog. You know, censoring that make sure the leash between Google's ad tracking is pulled tighter and tighter. And then you can say, yeah, that's real clever. Andy nocco made that in a sarcastic way predicting that you'd be an idiot into a think piece using that as your motif, and that that was actually copyrighted on Thursday, April eleventh twenty nineteen and they build a feel them. It will not undo the stupid thing that they wrote. But at least they might feel a little bad about themselves. Really I thought that I was kind of pet. I actually read that allowed to my girlfriend or boyfriend 'cause I was so proud of that little that. That you're right. Maybe I'm just saying things that everybody has said all the time and reminding us of things that were all completely aware of these, AVI. Google tracking us, and maybe I'm just coming across as a really drunk and disorderly cynical college freshmen. On that note. Andy, thank you for imparting that bit of design news to us. And if you're going if you're attending actually that would be the second second on the list of favors, you can do from first on the list, if you are attending the settled down mobile, and you can distract somebody and just like pocket a couple of these and then mail to me and hollows stickers. I'll give you that's that's what I can give an ex range. I'll I'll find something in the office that I can just. But these new like a semi transparent curtains for the office. I'll I'll give you of these great. I'll I'll I'll sweeten that deal. But again, you know, I'm not asking you to steal. I'm saying that information wants to be free. I certainly want to get one of these for free. I will pay for postal. Indie. So in addition to asking people to steal for you wanna leaving. We're helping Google to publicize wonderful technology. You're right. You're right, helping Google get stuff out there. Is there anything that? You wanna leave us with before we close out the end of this podcast episode love each other love yourself. You're going to be stuck with yourself in the spotty for a long time..

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