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And, what the owners decided that we would go through the season with just an interim general manager with me as assistant Yelm that they'd name permanent general manager after the season so we had a pretty good team in in two thousand two, but didn't make the playoffs and the tasked with leading the search for our next trial manager and it led. Led Me to individuals, J P, Ricciardi who is a disciple of billy, being who is the at the time, the general manager of the Blue Jays, but a worcester, native and someone who I thought would be really interested in the job. And out of loyalty to the Blue Jays he declined the opportunity and then thinking big We decided to go after billy being. To it had a tremendous amount of success. was the the Oakland A.'s would be. Immortalized in the pages of money ball and in the movie and after this. You missed the opportunity to have Brad. Pitt They would add to find a less anthem actor for sure. That bin me, but it was a wheat. We talked to billy and. He actually accepted the job, and and then did a lot of soul-searching in twenty four hours later called me and told me that you just couldn't take the job. And there he had a lot of thought into it, and there are a lot of very legitimate personal reasons. Why couldn't take it and? Leave family and move move three thousand miles away so. Now I've completely bungled the search for a fulltime general manager and I have to go back with. you know my tail between my legs to to my bosses and tell them that you know. The first two nominees turned the job down. And so I did and and so you failed up I failed up they eventually. Caucus and Called me in and said you know you know we've thought about it and we just want you to do it and. It was pretty stunning. I was twenty eight years old at the time and. Had only been an assistant general manager for. Eight months I think at the at the time and It was a shock and I didn't say yes. Right away because I felt I was I was twenty eight, but that was probably from an emotional maturity standpoint. I was probably younger than that and I think what seven years in San Diego. Xactly and maybe working in baseball, too. But Yeah I. I you know the the more I thought about it, I had the opportunity of a lifetime and I did feel like a new. The organization well had been there for a season I worked really hard to get to know everybody I felt like I knew what our strengths whereas organization would. Our weaknesses were what we had to do to take the next step and I felt like I had. been an observer of the game at thought enough about the game where I could do some good things and I knew I, knew enough about what I didn't know to that. I knew to surround myself with great people and really listen and Yeah I. I felt like it was an opportunity that I had to try to seize, but but. Kind of daunting in your home town. Premiere job in baseball like a a marquee franchise it had to be. When did it hit you that? What am I into here? Yeah, because you become a public person, you're you're you're pretty? You're actually pretty shy person. And now you're the face of the red sox now is my biggest hesitation. And those those fears were realized the day I was announced his general manager, so I left my live, really close to fenway would walk to work and I was completely anonymous. You know no one knows to the assistant. General Manager is and for good reason I really cherish that anonymity I am probably more an introvert than I am an extrovert and. Just appreciated being nobody I liked it I was really happy in my in my skin at that time as as completely anonymous worker at the Red Sox. That morning of the press conference I walked downtown and they were five. TV cameras right on my front steps. You know their cameras right in my face and followed me nothing I say we get them to go away followed me every step on on the walk Fenway Park and my heart was pounding, and I realized at that moment that my life changed forever, and that had been thrust into this public sphere that that in these waters that would be uncomfortable and unfamiliar in that have to find a way to navigate fitnesses. Though that Red Sox fans are very chance. Giving so you can make mistakes and they would just say well. He's learning and that's important. Yeah, I'm sure they would have been fine with this long learning process that only a couple of seasons. No I mean you know the thing about sports and politics is that both are played under the watchful eye of millions, and all of those millions think they know better than you What should what should be and and they make their views known yen, and the media serves a role as a liaison between those who actually? in the trenches making decisions, and those who follow it with tremendous passion, and and these narratives get created. Sometimes by the intermediaries And and and so fans sometimes end up following the narratives more than they're actually following the reality of the game, so getting a handle on those narratives and understanding them, and knowing how to manage them, and knowing how to protect yourself from them becomes really important. Take another short break. We'll be back with Theo Epstein. Are you thinking of flying deciding if you should bring your family on a plane, just how safe is it to fly right now?.

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