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The stage 7 20 w g N John Land, Decker. Thank you for tuning in 20 minutes after seven o'clock, So I understand a conversation took place this morning or with Bob Surat. And others who are his minions. I've not heard it. Let's hear it. W Jan. Broadcasting the Stanley Cup final question Mark. Does this mean more time off for Landeck? Er, Well, I guess it will wanted well, there will be weekend games, so we don't have the schedule yet for the games, But all the games will be played at night. So if they're weeknight games that All between Monday and Thursday. And I guess John doesn't call the show The John Land Acre Oasis anymore. Did you hear about this? Yeah. He calls it the John Records. Landeck Arrest Stop I am not sure that is really a good idea. Because what do you think about when you hear rest stop. Besides getting a snack, you know you do other things that arrest up Does John really want to go with that He should call the program extension 7 20. Keeping with the tradition here of the night time talk show being called Extension 7 20. I think But he's John and Milk Rosenberg. Very similar persona. Sounds like Dr Milton Rosenberg on acid He's on tonight from 7 to 10. Whenever I land Decker speaking whenever I think of arrest stuff, I think of dirty bathrooms. Now you think of the land decors show. Okay, well point taken, but already addressed if people have been paying attention, like Bob I agreed it only company one night. To change from We went to Oasis went to rest stop, and that's exactly what I thought After, like, 12 hours. You know, it sounds like just getting out of the car and going into digging to be in a bad bathroom. So it's no longer called that. And as we just realized that is now the John Land Decker. I want to make a note for Bob. Somebody write this down and leave a message for him. The John Land Decker Travel Plaza. Dear Mr Surat Now what's wrong with that, Bob? And just let me expound here. Okay? The Stanley Cup. We don't even know what the schedule is, but I agree if there is a game Monday through Thursday And it will be in prime time and it's during this time, then I'll be off. But you know that happened all through the Blackhawks season so that you know, I know how to handle that. With a lot of anger for, um, Now let's get to this milk Rosenberg thing. Extension 7 20, in my opinion was one of the greatest Radio programs on this station with Milt Rosenberg. And I was working at a competing station and I'd get off the air and I'd listen to milk at night driving home. And I thought the guy was just fantastic. I mean, he was so intellectual. He was so smart. He was so well spoken on so many different subjects. I mean, it was amazing that that program was even on radio because it was really a smart show. Mean extremely smart show. So I answered. I guess I should back up to more and say that, um This is the first time that I have ever done a radio program on 7 20 w G. N That had my name on it, Whether it's an oasis, arrest stop or travel plaza. It's the very first time now. I've been a guest. Before over the years, and I've years ago filled in for people who, uh, have the day off when Milt Rosenberg was still here. And I believe I was doing. I was doing a show for Spike. Spike. Adele was the morning guy. And I was on the air and Milt Rosenberg. Came into the studio. And said, Are you John Land? Decker? And I said Yes. Are you getting this on tape? Because this has got to go to Surat. So Milt Rosenberg comes into the studio and says, Are you John Land? Decker? And I say yes. And he said, I took sociology from your father at the University of Michigan. How about that, Bob? So It's not so far fetched to say that my father Has contributed to the programming here at 7 20. W G. M. Through the education of probably the smartest person that's ever been on the air here. Does that mean? I got a phone call? Oh, do I hold on now? This is first time I've ever been in this. Thing studio. Do I hit this button? What do I do? Bob. Hey, John. Oh, it's fun. It's Bob with a big B. Hey, Bob, uh, two things one. I don't like I totally agree with you More. Rosenberg. Yeah. You are the smartest man I've ever heard that unbelievable. Second, Yes. You need to get a tan during I need to get a what? Can Doreen a tangerine like the fruit? Yep. Why? I'm not tangerine. You need to write. Bob Surat, and then under it. John Lennon Crossbow Plaza and correct notice the record because he was on the whining today. No, I heard. I just heard. Yeah, we played the tape. No, No, he was writing. Someone stole harvest Tangerine. Oh, my God. Really? I didn't know that. Yes, Bob. Thank you. That is so cool. Send it back, like a little window. I'm gonna I'm gonna do it. We're going to get a tangerine. I'm bringing a tangerine tomorrow. I would do it. There's no question about it. Thanks, Bob. Thank you, Bob. You know what, As a matter of fact I'm not going to say who, but just let me say it was a rather high level executive. Of NeXstar media. Who encouraged me. To start a fight with Bob Surat. Um As God is my witness all never go hungry again. No, really. I'm telling you, that's exactly what.

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