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You're listening to a special edition of the globalist in association with UBS. Hello and welcome to a special edition of the globalist. I'm Ben Ryland over the festive season, we're looking back at some of the best interviews we did here on call twenty four in twenty eighteen the big interview brought you the fascinating stories of some of the most influential people from the worlds of arts and culture business politics and design today, we listen back to the also winning actress Sally field the minute. I walked on stayed something. Struck me electricity, a bell rang, and the self-imposed fog that I had been living in just cleared, and I could hear myself, and I was alive for this moment for the second. I was free and weightless I spent my life chasing, the firefly's on the edges of my is. That was Sally field. The double Oscar winning actress and the fog she was escaping descended following sexual abuse. By a stepfather jock Mahoney when she was a child she lost herself in acting career began as a teenager playing the all American lead in gidget. She went on to star in the flying nun, and then made her first film the way west with Kirk Douglas in nineteen sixty seven a host of television movies, followed before she joined her then boyfriend, but Reynolds in the box office hit smokey and the bandit Reynolds was another controlling man in her life. As was the film director, Bob Raffelson's. She was forced to kiss before being cast by him in stay hungry. She won her first Askar for the title role of Numa Ray in nineteen eighty and she's appeared in amongst others. Steel magnolias, MRs Doubtfire and Forrest Gump winning another best actress Academy Award for places in the heart in one thousand nine hundred five she was given an outstanding lead. Actress EMMY for television show. Brothers and sisters and most recently was nominated for best actress in Lincoln in two thousand and twelve she's written a memoir in pieces. I'm Georgina Godwin, and I sat down with her in the big interview. Sally. We're here in London. And you've been hit promoting your book, which is an extraordinary book. It's about this amazing life full of experience, but also Chuma to degree a wonderfully brave book, but it also charts your acting career, and I wondered if you'd always known that you were going to act well by the time, you know, you're thinking about what are you going to be when you grow up kind of thought, I think it was always an actor..

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