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They do tell me bad. Maybe they've got to fight a concert. I am too young for this. Yes. So think about it was they used their real names in the commercial and I'm looking at the picture. I'm like, no, no, no, don't tell me real name was George. Michael was vanilla is was caning, or was it omitted the do. That's how they look like never seen. Are you to your own now? I have one. They song Elise right. Can you can you? Can you sing it without being sued? Is that one of the things I could, but I just feel old. Okay. Well, we got a name Jimmy Garoppolo Bomani Jones because in a feature ridden by June Lee, Lee report Jimmy g. has made news by sorta proclaiming that he thought he was better than Tom Brady referring to his arrival in New England arrival and meeting Brady. He said, quote, when I first got there, I thought in my head I'm better than this dude and quote Bomani. What do you make of young Ginny. Tom Brady. Right. Like does that not sound like something that Tom Brady was say, I believe and we've forget this. That would Drew Bledsoe. Was there with New England before Tom Brady took up Drew Bledsoe was somebody's you. Bledsoe Ed Lee led a team to a Super Bowl, Tom Brady absolutely walked in there and thought that he was better than Drew Bledsoe like this is kinda sorta what you wanna hear from your quarterback and his house. Like he had head coach who may not of thought he was better, but sure as hell thought he was next. Well, that's the other part of the story. That's interesting beyond the fact that Jimmy is more confident than we thought we have a note in this piece talking about how Bill Belichick had been offered multiple high round picks from the Cleveland Browns and still ended up sending this dude who's really, really good at football, Jimmy Garoppolo to the forty Niners for just a single second round pick, which indicates to me if I am a patriots fan. That is the thing. My head can't entirely wrap around the idea that you gave him away basically. Right? Because Jenny Renta's the other note here, Ginny Francis at the Huby or now? Yes, QB still. She thought she said that Bill has been texting Jimmy Garoppolo after each of these winds congratulate a give. So still there's to be this palace intrigue around the, but where I do disagree on the idea of the give away because yeah, you could get more offer get more back from the Browns, but where did the Browns play in the AFC if you think this dude is legitimately good, you ship them as far away as possible, I think would be more important than the initial hall that you could get back on draft picks on this. I would however, as we do all of this Jimmy Garoppolo Mike Sando did his tier rating where he tossed everybody, tears. They have quarterbacks in Jimmy Garoppolo in tier two. And if I'm not mistaken, tier one is Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady, right. He's got Jimmy Garoppolo down there while Jimmy Garoppolo had seven touchdown passes last year, seven touchdown passes. They went on a nice run when he got started, but we've seen enough guys when they first get out here and start that, yeah, you had this honeymoon period and then was we see what. Happens when the league get some filled. He's got a great office coordinator Shanta handed and get it done. But we are ahead of our skis Jimmy Garoppolo and speaking of the film on Jimmy g. one of the other notes in this pieces that he may have taken that adult film star out on a date because he loves entourage, chase. Knows me bad song. I bet that you don't. All right. Next name, Josh Gordon yesterday, Gordon announced he will not be with the Cleveland Browns when the open training camp Thursday, citing his quote health and treatment plan reportedly did not have any slip-ups or failed tests. But Pablo does this worry you. It's worrisome in the sense that you'd love for this not to happen, but I fear that one of the things we've seen happen because a guy like Thailand in the NBA and Dhamar the Rosen and Kevin love these string..