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So we were talking about this act loafing, right? And just kind of what how big this summer is. Right. It's so big. It's pretty damn huge. I would agree. It is pretty damn huge. So we were kind of extrapolating and speculating, right? What happens if they strike out? What's LeBron going to be like, yeah? How is he going to feel will he push them to make moves? They don't wanna make will they consider trading. It's only his legacy on the line. Right. He what I mean? Like you. Gotta get the coach, right? You gotta get the guy at team, right? You've got to do this right next year. I don't know if you can get it. Right. Right. But I can you get it better. I don't know if they have the infrastructure to get it, right, right? Which leads me back to that. Well, billions watch that show. I don't I want to. That's like the next show that you have to watch. 'cause like everything in the world you. Can you can just learn so much because there's so much watching billions, right? But this latest episode I won't tell the whole story 'cause I don't wanna give it away. But one of the main characters is basically gonna get publicly humiliated by someone like by rival with an agenda. Right. Who has some dirt on him? And he's gonna have to withdraw from the attorney general's race in in order to stop this information for coming out. And everyone was like, well, you gotta you just gotta do it. You gotta you gotta just bow out. You can't let yourself be humiliated that way in this. And the guy's dad system ever give up. Right. Yeah. For the last law and the guy gets in front of the Mike and instead of withdrawing from the race, he decides to just say everything himself, all the most embarrassing all the stuff that everyone thinks his career is over. Now. He's going to challenge. He's gonna challenge the world to accept him. And just it's it's like he's into he's into like, right, right? Okay. Ray guy. Yeah. Just shades. It's like fifty shades of grey. So he just decides to like say it out there and challenge and he framed it he discussed in such a way that he becomes this like hero York. And he wins the race. And the point is you have to be willing to do everything. Right. Nothing can be off the table. Like, nothing even. Saying your most embarrassing awful thing. Right. Has to be off. It has to be on the table. Yeah. And I think that's how important this summer is for the Lakers like they have to be willing to everything. So if they don't get them great free. That's just option one, right? You have to be one trade you have to be willing to get anyone. You have to be willing to do whatever you need to do to get a better team around LeBron James because you you cannot allow next year to be like this year. Just can't agree. You have cap space the window closes before you have to pay the kid lottery pick you have a lottery, pick whatever you have to do by any means necessary. You have to do it. And if you don't do it. They've got gonna get way ugly. They have tools to work with. Yeah..

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