Arron, Congress Senate Majority, CIA discussed on Red Eye Radio


Really again we include the bush administration in that so tell me what changes going forward nothing here's your forecast this will be the day that that high heat finally moves off the eastern seaboard and with it the chance of thunderstorms from a pretty pronounce cold front which will actually provide showers extending from southern Texas up through Louisiana the Deep South and into the Carolinas right on up the Delmarva peninsula into New York City heavy showers expected along that front and the potential for severe weather through the overnight hours and into Wednesday when things finally begin to clear off shore at least for the bulk of that region south Georgia and Florida will continue to deal with those showers through Wednesday Philadelphia ninety degrees Monday today's high eighty D. C. ninety one yesterday eighty today with showers in the central part of the country things will be dry for Wednesday showers developing in the west for a good part of the desert southwest and intermountain west there are scattered showers in the forecast tomorrow your national forecast from red eye radio I'm meteorologist John trout from American rock band Portugal and I'm here to tell you that it can be difficult getting back to work providing a job at all injury for the that's right and he I've getting disabled Americans if you're having a hard time finding one that is contact and yet and yet central dot four or get them up on the phone seven seven four eight eight nine the trouble Monday pushed back at a Ron's claim that it arrested CIA spies Arron doesn't know where they are I've been watching and reading a lot of reports and right now they're very mixed up country they don't know whether they're coming or going president also announced the budget deal reached with Congress Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell who promised a vote in the Senate before the August recess said he's very encouraged by the agreement that would allow continued.

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