Greg Abbott, Austin, El Paso Walmart discussed on Ground Zero with Clyde Lewis


Fort bend county teen is died after being shot near an elementary school this afternoon off may second terra Dr the sixteen year old boy died at the hospital later police say the victim and gunmen knew each other and the sixteen year old shooter is now in custody governor Greg Abbott newly formed Texas safety commission met in Austin today for the first time the commission forms the governor's response to the mass murders that took place inside in el Paso Walmart earlier this month we will be focusing our questions with on ideas and suggestions that can lead to loss but remember this and that is the way Texas government works action can be taken without laws being passed the commission will meet again next week in el Paso dozens of channel the residents are suing over the placement of a pipeline they say resulted in flooding in their neighborhood class action lawsuit says centerpoint energy enterprise products partners and oil taking partners improperly installed the pipeline back in twenty fifteen that's being blamed now for flooding and foundation problems possibly seeking fifty million dollars to make up for property damage and loss of property value Nick rank of its newsradio seven forty KTRE a judge has denied white oak musicals request to have the Houston noise ordinance declared unconstitutional the venue was racked up a number of noise complaints from neighbors each one with the potential of a heavy fine musical is trying to get those tickets dismissed a U. H. downtown student facing charges for threatening to shoot about building on campus prosecutors say nineteen year old Oscar ring cone posted a thread on Snapchat earlier this week and was arrested less than an hour later he admitted that he made that comment.

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