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Lorne. Balfe a lot of this plays with the formula. You've come to know and maybe love maybe despised from the bad boys. Films does resurrect a lot of the greatest. Hits that you expect. From the first two entries and two decades of Paso there are gags growing older that pepper a lot of the Dialogue Viagra. Riffs and hair color product jokes and needing eyeglasses. To see whatever you're looking at with your pistol and a lot of this is in service of pleasing the fans and you can't say that it doesn't deliver the goods for those who are looking for not much more than jocularity. And I Candy Action Sequences. I think if you're looking for the franchise to transcend its formula to be something more you're GonNa come away pretty empty handed here. I would say it's probably a better film in terms of quality it's definitely much more competently made than the previous bad boys films. I don't know if I find it better or worse than the first bad boys but it is close to the spirit of Michael Bay's original but if you know mean you know my reviews you know that I found bad boys to be overly long and just got awful. I thought that bad boys two was one of the worst films of two thousand three so by actually delivering something relatively competent. Maybe people might be overpromising bad boys for life. I think if you love films of the nineteen nineties I have trouble myself with a lot of those action films. But if you do love those films you'll find plenty here to admire the requisite slow motion action sequences wall-to-wall soundtrack than this Daljit All of that kicks in whenever you hear the familiar score from the first film all over again. I think thankfully it's over twenty minutes less in run time than bad boys two but still that blaze for life is probably in my opinion twenty minutes longer than it really needed to be to deliver. Maximum impact somewhere in this mix. I think there is actually quality movie that you're ends to break free. But there is that leaden and misguided backstory for its villains. Maybe one boss villain too many here. I think anytime the bad boys are off the screen and the bad guys are on it. The film does begin to feel like it's trying to drive with the emergency brakes on. It really is sluggish. So I if you do like the first two batboys films if you even like that voice to then I think the bar is sufficiently low enough. That voiced for life is going offer. Plenty more for you to enjoy. It does offer some of the best character moments to acting performances. Here by the leads is the best. In the series thus far but good storytelling continues to elude this franchise unfortunately a lot of the levels of cartoon violence the prolonged shootouts. The explosions Galore. They have dominated all of these movies so much. That dance are likely never going to accept sacrificing the formula of the bad boys films in pursuit of a good film. And that relegates these bad boys franchise films to be bad for life. So it's a real close call. Actually I really tempted to recommend this film with a three star rating because it does deliver the goods but as I sometimes say it delivers the goods. But it also delivers the bad. So I have to hedge my bets here. I do like the first bad boys by the way I do recommend that film. I hate bad boys two. I almost recommend bad boys for life. But it's just not one of those films that I can totally get behind but I do think that if you are a bad boys fan through through. You will come away liking this. But if you've been somebody who's been relatively unimpressed or maybe it's not your bag. These bad boys films. I don't think this is GonNa be the one that turns you around. It definitely is very much in keeping with the spirit of the others. Even though it's probably less offensive than those other films in a lot of respect so two and a half star is going to be giving bad boys for life by the way if you do end up seeing this film just know that once the credits start rolling. Don't turn away. There are a couple of extra scenes at the beginning of the closing credits including one that seems to be setting up for the inevitable sequel. That's GONNA come out probably within the next couple of years so stick around for that. Thanks everyone for listening. I hope that you enjoyed this review. If you have your own thoughts on bad boys you impart them to me. You can find my contact information on my website. That's clip stirred dot net. Twip DOT net. While you're there I do encourage you to check out my other social media listings might twitter feed my facebook. Page my instagram. You can even just email me can do that. All at my website clicks dot net until next time. Thank you so much for listening and Pleasing Joe. Your time any time you get to go to the.

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