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So and that's not forget he was also at the infamous Trump Tower meeting with Don, jR, and all the Russian. I mean the fake adoption, right? That was only for adoption. So now in the same week that Paul Manafort is found guilty and will be sent. Synced to as much as eighty years in prison. Michael Cohen Trump's personal lawyer who incidentally, also has ties to Russia has pled guilty to violating campaign finances life as Ukrainian PS and his brother's wife's Ukrainian from Ukraine born arrays. I mean, both of them. I mean, I mean, I mean the so he pled guilty to violating campaign finance laws by paying stormy Daniels and Trump's other playboy mistress to stay quiet before the election. And since there's an actual tape of the conversation. He admitted to prosecutors that Trump knew he paid those women he requested it he approved it, and he paid for it. So yeah, he fucking knew about remember that tape, right? He's it's the tape where he recorded the conversation. Yeah. And he was like almost Joya. What are we going to pay? Right. So and I thought that Trump I don't know if it was Trump or Michael Cohen or Don jR, but I thought somebody told at the FBI that they didn't know about that payment. Now, you're lying to the FBI. And now, you're right. And so that put right. Yep. So okay. So now that Trump here's the deal. Trump sees Michael Cohen giving up. Up the candy to get a plea deal. Okay. Michael Cohen has now told prosecutors that. He's now given up Trump. So he can get a lesser sentence. Right. So Trump sees him doing that. And he's completely fucking stress that Paul Manafort in the other trial on that's coming up in DC that he's going to put his Russia collusion business on Front Street. Now, the next trial he sinking himself Michael Collin? Did it Paul manafort's? Definitely gonna do it. Obviously, the Russia collusion, all it's all Paul Manafort. Yup. So he's tweeting out and ask kissing tweet, which are basically just one step away from promising Paul Manafort apart. Here's what Trump tweeted after the guilty verdict, quote, I feel very badly for Paul Manafort at his wonderful family. He's literally guilty of like a thousand inches of Bachar ges. Eight counts. I'm sorry. Eight counts guilty found guilty of canes on an money lava. Yep. Right. Justice took a twelve year old tax case. How dare we go back and take out take a case? Among other things applied tremendous pressure on him. And unlike Michael Cohen, he refused to break makeup stories in order to get a deal such respect for a brave, man. So he's actually tweeting out a message, which is like I respect you for not going or the deal for taking right but life in your mouth shut but manafort's still has not been sentenced like he's been charged. But he doesn't know what his sentences gravy, like eighty years could still give deal for that. Yeah. And he's trying so then and here's the team Rudy Giuliani Guliani just so you if you guys know, he's Trump's new personal lawyer. He Michael Collins done, it's it's Rudy Guliani. He told the Washington Post that this is like a whole move that they did. So he tells the Washington Post that Trump asked him about pardoning Manafort, I mean, this is a quote from Guliani to the post. Trump asked him about partying Manafort and Guliani fulltime they should wait until after the molar investigation is complete. So that's basically Trump sliding into manafort's DM's and telling him yogurt, I'm going to slap a big part in on that tight ass. That's what that is. That's sliding in the DM's letting them know your pardon is coming for you. Right. So okay. So then if they waited till after the Mueller investigation, and he does pardon him wouldn't that be? That's not obstruction of Justice. That's Justice has been served. Okay. And he's any way you slide into your guy. Sees that Titus and gun. Partnered auditor tell him you're going to pardon him. You're now obstructing Justice, you're preventing Justice from being served, right? But they're they're they're covering their tracks by saying you can pardon him. But you gotta wait till Justice. And there are also doing it by Giuliani doing it and not Trump right now. Trump's kind of doing. It with the tweets. Right. You know, saying what a great man, he didn't fall for the deal..

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