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There have been some wonderful connections that have come out of doing this show. In fact, after connecting for the season one finale, Damon Alban and I ended up working on an upcoming tune featuring wale. And immediately following my Pharrell combo, I ended up getting back in touch with Chad Hugo Pharrell's partner from the neptunes, and we spent the past week working on some new music. At one point this week, I asked Chad, where he got all those amazing drum sounds from in the early Neptune's records, because they really were incredible. And he told me well I chopped up a lot of breaks, but I also got a disk of drum sounds from Bing dog, AKA Bing. My jaw kind of dropped a because I live for a little hip hop trivia like this. But B, I love the idea of these young fledgling producers who are soon going to change the sound of hip hop and very different ways. Passing their sounds back and forth like this camaraderie. And see, there sounds are actually nothing alike. The neptunes made this gospel punk future funk and bink made this blueprint era sped up soul sample dramatic bangers. And while bink's name might not ring off like some of his contemporaries, he's made classics. I mean, he co produced blackstreet, don't leave me. I mean, that's how far it goes back. And along with Kang Anne just plays, he pioneered a true sound in hip hop. A great sound that still alive because of artists like Drake and Rick Ross. It's devil in a new dress. Of course, around the time you always this was you were like, this is the best virus I've ever written. Everybody knows it's an incredible voice. Is it still up there? Is it still the bar for you, the best for us? You feel like you be it since then. It's most definitely one of the favorites. You know, because, you know, we just let it was all about the production. We let it breathe. You know what I'm saying? I was out in Hawaii with Kanye and it was just one of those times. And it was a special time. It was a special piece of art. You know, just for the ones that still consider it, you know, rose, best verse, one of rose favorites. It will be talked. And you talk about it in the book. There's a lot of great stories about my favorite story that really is like a story that changed the history of music is about the clips Kanye didn't know about pushes. Do you mind just shedding a little light or retelling that story for everybody? Because that's an incredible story. It's just one of those things where I won't say that, yay didn't know about them you know the dog was a nasty super nice nigga. It was just one of those times we was in the studio and you know I just sparked a certain conversation. You know what I'm saying? Yeah. So basically Kanye found out that he had done a verse for TI and it had ended up on this clip song and he didn't know and he was about to take it wasn't he or take it off because he didn't know and you were like, no, no, the clips are like pushes great. You should get him out here. And that really is like him signing a good music really, you're kind of responsible for that in some ways. And I don't even want that responsibility. You know what I'm saying? Dudes, both of them dudes great, you know what I'm saying? Yeah. Well, that's very nice and modest and with the success you have. You can say that. I love the book. I mean, it's amazing that you got it out so fast because it feels like a lot of the things you're talking about COVID or the fungus, which I love. The fungus is still among us. Wow. How 'cause it feels like you're writing about this stuff that we're really still in the middle of it. But your COVID story was crazy 'cause you'd actually had it before we knew what it was. Right, I had the fungus before we even knew what the fungus was. That's why I still refer to it as the fungus. Yeah, because when I went looking for help, nobody they asked me was I petting elephants while I was out of the country. Did you write a camel? I'm like, yo, stop. This is the fun. Where are you? Were you somewhere, you were somewhere exotic or something? I'm most definitely. I have been over, you know, London. I had been over in Paris. I had been a lot of different. I had been traveling. And while I was traveling, I'm going through London and I'm crossing so many, you know, Asian people at the time and they all had their masks on. And I just remember thinking back like, yo, Michael Jackson been up on his mask, you know, 40 years ago, you know what I'm saying? So then they announced that this is what it is and you're like, oh shit, that must be that thing that nearly took me out the game for I knew what I doubt when they told me it was two weeks, you know, I knew without a doubt that was the fungus I had because I remember it. I counted the days. I knew it was two weeks. So you spent got to spend the most amount of time ever probably in one place after 15 years of just the craziest grind ever. And not just a grind because you love it, but what was that like at first that readjustment was it wonderful where you're afraid you talk about the fungus and how it obviously is fucking with the revenue streams, but was there some kind of piece that you had? Most definitely most definitely as far as what I got out of it on a personal level. I would do it all over. You know what I mean? The time I got the strangers, you know, speeching and going back and forth with my family. My team, myself, more importantly, you know, I went and bought the track to start cutting my own grass. I pulled the weeds out of my own flower beds. That type of shit. Yeah. I was just being more creative. That's when the book came into play perfect day to boss up. Why not? I saw a picture of you a couple of months back and it was amazing. I want to say one of my favorite pictures I've seen is like you're in the track and it's like, it's just a picture of a man at peace. Like you just look like you're in the tractor. You have the blood, it's a good picture to be all day. And I just like, that is phenomenal. That's an amazing day. Yeah, that's just something everyone wants to spy to. And peace your phone off, no radio, just a blunt. Yeah. 300 acres of the cut. Jesus, that is a lot. Does that take all day? You can't do that in one day, even in like a crazy house. It's not a chance. So what.

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