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The euro what episode number sixty four for the week of October Twenty Second Twenty nineteen I'm Ben Smith and I'm joined by mccomb I Mike Corey we are a pair of Americans try and make sense of the Eurovision Song contest and this week we'll be talking about the big tie of nineteen sixty nine. How is your October going Mike witness so many things just a lot of activity none of it eurovision related it's all all the craziness seems to have coalesced around this particular Bob so it's nice to have this as a little bit of a mental break a metal escape in Nice little mental break where we can talk about the the song contest for like forty five minutes roughly oh yeah something like that somewhere in there so how is your month going it's good it's busy over here too for also on your vision related reasons it's nice to have this little island of calm or this is just very silly procedural things yes the Sillier the procedures the better so spoiler alert we talk about procedure this episode which is a big thing for both of us yeah possibly the silliest of procedural nonsense so just a big oopsy in when they planned out how the contest worked before we get to that though let's check in on how many countries have currently signed up since we are nearing slash have passed the date that they're supposed to officially confirm dare still a few they're holding out Armenia Bulgaria Hungary Moldova Bulgaria told us and September September fifty I like we'll get there eventually giving them time I just feel like so many of those are always there and it's just a matter of them like officially figuring out how they're picking their entrance that they can make a big announcement and be like sign the paperwork it's one thing to just say like oh we're going to be there it's just like you need a little bit more in your i WanNa have things a little bit more planned out there are also going to do a lot of junior eurovision stuff so yeah true you got to wrangle the kids so since we last spoke about who's participating a lot of decisions I've been made everybody's figuring stuff out Italy will be there yeah I don't think they've necessarily confirmed where in one way or the other whether San Remo will actually be the selection methods but it probably will be Zen Raimo was still going to happen yeah it's been working for them so I don't know why they would change that so absolutely not ah speaking of things that are definitely working and definitely should not be changed Lafayette's doing supernova again I although I love Supernova Ed Lee what the what that selection process is I am very surprised that they are using that selection processes given how it has not actually worked the last three years who knows like Omni not have written like eighteen songs in that time there and they're all ready to go that is the case then I take back everything I just say I figured that would sway to yes supernova is a good thing again but it's October we're fine honestly of guests they would have just said like all right Marcus we know you're gonNA be at Supernova anyway why don't we just send you and then just get that off of our checklist and move on but yeah let's just plan on the schedule a song for markets and we're Malta had it was like X. factors working great which I would agree so x factor will be used to choose the artist again that's currently underway? Yeah I believe this past weekend was the second week of auditions Geo blocked here so I've been keeping very close tabs on it also with ask singer happening here I only have so much mental space for my singing competition yes oh like right now the right choice yes they're also good on the show that or at least they've weeded out the ones that are less good so far sorry Paul Shaffer the on another also in terms of singing competitions Georgia idol we'll be starting up this Saturday they are doing the same process they use last year they're just starting the process a little bit earlier I think last year they started in Jan wary and finished in March and I don't know if they're expanding the season at all or anything like that Ukraine has announced that they will not allow contestants with the performance history in Russia a to participate in mid gear next year which given all of the fun that we saw this year around that I get it yeah I yeah yeah it's GonNa get messy and like full of drama for no reason whatsoever because that's just how Ukraine that's why we love them but this is yeah but I really enjoyed the article that we blogs put up of all of the artists that based on this new rule would not be able to participate in beer and it includes several eurovision alumni like Jamala who was at the center of this year's contract Z. She wouldn't be able to compete Ana Laura Smet Lana from two thousand nine yet like none of them would be just like picturing whenever ethanol makes fun of the feeling the screen right now the one that I was just pleased to see but that's because I'm just generally pleased by Iceland is a twenty percent increase in submission in through song the captain and this year one hundred fifty seven total for next year's contest and considering that they only have what is it ten entries in their selection processes at the end yeah that's a lot yeah this is a competitive field that's a lot of one. Fifty seven is more artists than are performing at Iceland Airwaves in a few weeks although Iceland airwaves has a lot of artists that are not Icelandic that's a lot of songs I wonder how many of the artists that are going to be performing there that are eligible compete in song to Captain Ven Diagram is GonNa look like what what is that ven diagram especially because like Iceland did very well as as a nation with hotter hotrails a lot of post-contest fame which is great and I think it really shows that Eurovision doesn't need to be this sort of one off thing that you aim for where you can be an existing band and your thing as a band I think it's I think it leads to stronger entries because if you look who's won it is these very idiosyncratic entries yes I agree although I don't know these could be one hundred fifty seven Atari clones and I'm kind of curious what that would look like and if we will be better off in society for it said your days are numbered capital Bjork Song but also I would I wouldn't mind the slider for Iceland being being somewhere closer Qatari side of things talking about Hungary who has not officially confirmed They did drop all of the details for a doll which is still happening but it it doesn't appear that it's guaranteed if you win a doll you're going to eurovision and everybody is speculating because no details out and that's all we can do is speculate I'd be fine with that indy announcement for adults they just there was no mention of your vision whatsoever and given how this year's version wince like it just it wasn't the strongest field there is the plagiarism scandal that caused us on to get disqualified which really messed up a whole bunch of results and hoping that this means that Hungary is just considering either an internal selection or like if you're an adult finalist then you'll be up for consideration a and it's just not like I'll guarantee if you win but yeah they could also just be finalizing some details yeah I'm not sure where they are in the contestant selection process so there could just be some contractual conflicts that are preventing some potential contestants from being able to compete at Eurovision but they still want them on a dull so yeah like the big one that everybody was making a big deal out of was I think that the the range that the song had to have been like new and if they need in one wins the song doesn't work picking a song that works right and and it could then the whole package my hope is just that Hungary is participating and not taking a Oh we didn't qualify for just GonNa go see in the corner for a couple of years 'cause that's fun fun Hungary's always a welcome presence that is it on country news all right well looking at the EDU website they posted over the weekend the job description for the executive supervisor role the Allesandro and yeah it was kind of fun to go through and see what the actual responsibilities are for the next Yano a political event but with the potential political impact overall and political stakeholder management is a key.

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