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Four oh four if you notice the huge plume of smoke in the direction of the Santa Monica mountains that is the quickly moving brush fire called the palisades fire was reported a little before eleven o'clock this morning to the five hundred block of north palisades drive the fire has burned about thirty to thirty five acres mandatory evacuation orders have been issued they affect all residents in the area between Sharm el lane and the and the need to Avenue from Blackmun lane to the north to merry bell lane on the south it's about two hundred homes there are road closures now mostly affecting our areas north of Sunset Boulevard people urge now to avoid those areas and an evacuation cell shelter has been set up and palisades recreation center that is it eight sixty one almost Riel Dr California's legal cannabis market was supposed to shrink with legalization but the black market continues to dominate throughout the states some have blamed this on we'd maps that's the online marketplace that connects customers with dispensaries and livery services states as we'd have sold adds to illegal pot shops in the bureau of cannabis control the scented a cease and desist order Chris Beals the C. E. O. of with maps says the presence of illegal dispensaries on the site was due to a slow moving licensing process I think sort of our working assumption was that licensing and and frankly it's a bottle neck of local licensing would pick up steam in these businesses would be given licenses because that was the promise of prop sixty four and frankly we were caught a little bit flat footed when that sort of increase in licensing didn't come to pass bills as the company's reducing their listings of black market shops if you live in Oxnard you may be able to get your hands on a free avocado or peach tree and not just for food or garden design is K. C. R. W.'s Catherine Barnes reports the program meant to improve the.

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