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Dr Klein will be with me tomorrow for a special show five o'clock tomorrow afternoon, and I do appeal to and in. We have been getting some fantastic emails and some fantastic calls. People in the audience who have never understood what the connection was between obstructive sleep at Nia. And Dr Richard Klein. They just they had not taken the time to do it until they got the symptoms of obstructive sleep apnea. Obstructive sleep apnea. The causes and the cures have been found for years. They have been known for years. Let's put it that way. But the question of what to do about them. Has been Out there. For well for people to look at. But they have not been out there for people to Understand. Because of the All known or well known ways of taking care of it. The only thing that was there Up until this point. That people really understood was the CPAP mask. And people didn't understand that there is an alternative. To the sea Pat Mask. And Dr Klein is very familiar. With it. And I want you to understand it. Basically, we're talking about a small Custom fit mouthguard. It keeps your jaw down. And forward. That keeps the airway open in the back of your throat. And Dr Klein has been recently asked to explain this. Some members of the United States Congress. It helps truck drivers train engineers boat airplane airplane pilot All these folks control their sleep apnea for a healthier and safer environment for all passengers and other people on the roads. Folks, you really should check it out. One of the best ways to do it is to visit Dr Klein second best listen in to getting out of the pain lane with Dr Richard Klein. Tomorrow afternoon at five o'clock feel free to call in at any time. The number to call to get an appointment with Dr Klein. By the way, 5865730438 That's 5865730 for 38. Please let Dr Klein no That John MacCulloch asked you to call this number. 586 573 0438 now on time traffic news and weather on the Patriot. Good evening out on your roadways once again right now an accident on the right shoulder. 6 96 eastbound right after Van Dyke cousins and delays there was watch out for slow traffic and 59 eastbound between mound Road of Van Dyke also got delays. 75 North bound between 6 96 and 11 Mile. Traffic slowed through the construction zone in the South Field. South Michigan Avenue traffic slow from Ford Road at this time. Also, Ambassador Bridge traffic and right now both North and south on getting the U. S and Canada about a 30 minute delay. Four trucks, So watch out for that delay as well as a broken motor being commerce Road still affected one lane between.

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