Senator Joe Lieberman, Widodo, Donald Trump discussed on Rush Limbaugh


Else has come out. She said that they Donald Trump's legal battle has completely destroyed at quote her career her career when all other options have been exhausted. Maybe consider a career in porn. Oh, wait a minute. Chris Plante show. Weekday mornings nine to noon on News Radio eleven fifty. Number one source for news, News Radio W, G O, W Chattanooga. A Cumulus station. Northern taking heat rappers ice arrest. I'm Mike moss. Former independent Senator Joe Lieberman says in battle Virginia governor Ralph northbound should not resign after a racist photo from a medical school yearbook. Edinburgh. I don't today. I mean, I think there's a rush to judgment that is unfair to him one. He says he wasn't in that picture too. I think we ought to fairly ask him. Did. He know the picture was on his page of the yearbook, and then three really ought to be judged in the context of his whole life Lieberman is in the minority. There is a growing chorus for northern to resign from within his own Democratic Party another tense day in Venezuela. Correspondent ISIS warez reports. A number of European nations joined the US and recognizing one Widodo as the legitimate president and calling a nNcholas Maduro to step down the UK France, Germany, Portugal, Spain among many other European countries. Throwing. That support behind the thirty five year old national assembly Nita, one Widodo, adding, of course, more pressure to Nicolas Madura, either cool full parliamentary call for presidential elections. So Nicole for parliamentary elections or really step aside rapper Twenty-one savage whose musical persona revolves heavily around the drug and gang life. He purportedly weathered coming up on the east side of Atlanta is according to why British and in this country illegally more from correspondent, Nick Valencia, twenty one savage, a huge musical talent and very big name here in the city of Atlanta. And according to a law enforcement source with knowledge of his arrest. Twenty-one savage wasn't even the intended target of the arrest on Sunday morning. He was with another rapper who was the target of a criminal arrest. Once law enforcement did a background check on Twenty-one savage realized his immigration status. He was taken into custody and transferred into ice custody. General Motors has begun the layoffs of about forty three hundred white.

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