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And explosion along U.S. 15 and Frederick that happened two weekends ago. State and local leaders will update residents on the ongoing investigation. They'll take questions as well. It'll be held at 6 30 in the Frederick high school auditorium, representatives from Frederick police, the Frederick county division of fire and rescue services, and the State Department departments of transportation and environment will participate. It's not clear yet what caused that crash. The truck driver was killed and fire spread to three nearby homes, investigators say the tanker was carrying a flammable liquid, believed to be gasoline or diesel fuel. Amid concerns about violent crime should establishments that are open late do more to promote safety. It's an idea being floated in Montgomery county. Jane Reddick, with the greater Silver Spring Chamber of Commerce, says carjackings and shootings have rattled residents visitors and businesses in Silver Spring. The increased police presence has helped as as the installation of the lighting and cameras. She told the county council she favors a bill that would require businesses that operate between midnight and 6 a.m. and that have frequent calls for police service to have to submit safety plans to the police. Jackie green bomb owner of the quarry house tavern questions the notion that there's a causal relationship between business operating hours and crime. I don't know that there's evidence to support this. A work session on the bill is set for later this month, Kate Brian, WTO P news. Strike up the band

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