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How it goes. I have a list based on ninety man rosters. Okay so this is going to change. But we don't know the steelers roster yet of course we don't have their snaps that they're playing this year in order to do this snap way today. A h so the best i can do is tell you the average age of the ninety man roster and right now for the pittsburgh steelers their average age there ninety man roster is twenty five point four four the got to remember a lot of guys that aren't going to make that team are the younger guys. Guys that are trying to crack their way in the nfl and and catch on with the team. Things like that there could be. There's occasional older guy that just is going to get cut because they don't have it anymore but generally the average age is get dropped down during training camp because of somebody players there now if you want to know where this is this. The steelers were ranked twentieth opposite their the twentieth. Youngest team right now so that puts them asaba just making sure. I had my numbers right. Sorry for positive for a moment there that puts them eleventh. If you're looking for the older steam believe it or not right now the oldest team the houston. Texans the houston. Texans have that have that. Have the oldest age based on everything It goes houston san francisco arizona new england tampa baltimore buffalo tennessee chicago new york giants. And then the steelers who have the same two decimal places the same average age as both the washington football team and the detroit lions. So that's where they sit right now but that's gonna change but that's the best we can do based on the data right now so the number might look younger for the steelers but the fact that there eleven still has them in the top half. I think that's where you wanna be. They're getting right about where that is but really it comes down to play on the field if really it it it really does come down to that so i have one more thing i was gonna dive into since i have a a little bit of time to finish off the show and that was i was talking with senior editor jeff hartmann and say hey you know i like to do. I was two two different topics. I know this topic that. I have this week is gonna take a little bit longer up through the numbers but i always like to have another one small to finish out the show i look at you have a question on and then he throws me one of mike. That's too good. I got to see it for its own show. And then he throws another one. Actually i thought i thought said no. That's good to say that. I don't show or both in one. Shell finally got one and this. This is so jeff hartmann inspired you if you understood if you listen to antiwar charge. You're gonna why. I decided. I go back and look at punters drafted by the steelers and how they wanted their first year georgia just to get the information. It doesn't mean that that presley. Harvard in the third or the second. I can't remember pretty sure it's the third presley harvard. We'll just leave it there whether whether it's a big six or thick kicker whatever people wanted to call him a mock on brian. Anthony davis is dick name because it just so what does it mean that. He's going to be locked into anything going on here. But i just thought i break this down the first thing of note. That's nice well. I searched in all the steelers draft and only came up with previously to harbin. Four punters the steelers drafted now with the first one being craig colquitt nineteen seventy eight. It's important to note that what might have happened with that announcing the steelers never drafted punter before that it might have been that either. A just didn't have the players position listed. Which i'll tell you this pro football reference for some reason doesn't have benny snell listed as a running back you. Do you do a filter for running backs. He's not going to show up. They just have him listed as a football player. They have its position in there. At least that was the case a couple of weeks ago and since unless they fixed it it could be that. That was the case or the bigger possibilities. You go back in steelers history. Is that the player that punted also did other things they just something else that was thrown on because the you didn't always have just strictly a punter but so we're going back. I'm confident that this goes back to the merger. So i'll just at least say that kicking it in one thousand nine hundred seventy eight. You had craig colquitt. He punted in all sixteen games. He had sixty six punts. He averaged forty point zero yards per punt and on his career average forty one point three so below the average first year not surprising the next punter. Oh and he was. He was a third round draft. Pick by the white guy for that in the next drafted by the steelers was in nineteen eighty two. It was john goodson. He punted nine games. You're like oh. I only nine remember what you're saying. It was drafted nineteen eighty two. That was the strike year. He punted every game but that was the strike here. And this is regular season stats. I didn't i didn't throw in playoff. He punted forty nine times. He had a forty point four yard average which was also his career average. Because that was the only year you ever played the nfl..

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