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A few sooner they paul out there again unique he's nervous she said it'll be tired of first three minutes austin rivers takes a contested three that was though good rebound down to mason plumber globally as it across the timelines froze crosscourt older wilson chandler chandler entry pass into millsap one on one with tobias harris throws out of a dogs optima ry murray guarded out there by walusz gets a pick throws it download the plumbly plumbly leans in on jordan throws crosscourt of the corner threepoint her chamber great corner past right there by mason firmly nuggets tie the ballgame up at sixty boys appease rivers hazard starters jeopardy drive beat murray throws out of it on top the wall as touch pass to wallis 3pointers an airball rebound comes down to hair's throws of the quarter to asta rivers shop clocked it reset eight seconds on it now pileup side is tobias harris puts it on the floor takes a wing jumper knocked at all or that guy's been a completely different players all added a trade with yes yeah like he got out of prison from detroit is enjoying playing basketball gear devon level live in la bill sap as it over to gary here's he gets the paint little teardrop is up within nicely done that's all we have to do is basically with lou williams you have to take advantage of as deep as a liability lou williams has it shoots a photos of the free throw line no good got his own rebound put backup it can't let him get your offensive rebounds no not at all not at all jamal murray has it up the rightwing lobs it down on the over the millsap millsap guarded by hair's he gets puts it on the floor is the free throw line throws out of it had chandler chandler attack the rim wraparound he threw it away loose ball picked up by wallace wallace has it at the bit court circle left side over to tobias in the cornered austin rivers headfake at.

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