Terry King, Prussia, President Trump discussed on Joe Giglio


Terry king of prussia what's up terry hey thanks for taking the call listen george and scott dirt absolutely wrong and i'll tell you why this president says he stands for aren't flag well where was he back in the sixties vietnam he stayed oh with a yellow stripe one is back this guy he even told to howard stern he thought it was funny as hell that he said i fought my mom back here at home dodging all the steve diseases you can get from having sex with all these girls and he didn't use he didn't say girls either on i don't wanna say here but this man is disrespecting he just respected aren't flag back then and he has no respect for his country to this day this guy likes to watch time and time again and the other thing the tank is the ten people they want to see him on down there it goes he should've sold them guys he should have we should have accepted who wanted to see what he's got to have a big crap he's got a big freaking ego i i don't know what else to say i understand look i terry i appreciate your passion i appreciate your phone call i look i don't wanna make this and we're not gonna do it for the next twenty minutes i don't want to just say what do you think donald trump that's not what this show is the sports radio station i'm not doing that for twenty minutes if you have an opinion on what happened with the eagles which i think everyone does because its biggest story right now in sports and certainly in the city then i'm glad i will gladly take your phone call and it's funny because to go back to the analogy that a couple of callers ago told me i was the divide and i was the problem so back to that analogy of well you know the parents cancel and you have all these ponies and cake and you have six six kids coming well i think our last caller made a fair point that i do really feel bad for the players that we're going to go and now we couldn't go because that i mean in theory it's cool like i've never gotten a chance to go to the white house i know friends that have for different reasons the ideas.

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