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One and. Not. To. Make. Excuses provider. Are Them but as you know Michael it's also. Every. Teams got a a list of the worst mission they've had in fact. Weeks ago. I. Had a fun podcast with Meigs Erin of the Celtics the assistant. GM. Tim Conley the nuggets. GM. And and it was a lot of fun. They went down memory lane on the back end and podcast and he talked about some of their Mrs and you sit there and it's like like for the Celtics. And credit to Mike for just on it, and he's he's talked about it before but Jimmy Butler, they they had John Johnson Jimmy Butler. As like a, you know that was there to man list and and you know and John's nowhere to be found and Jimmy's pushing this kind of underrated he team into a possible finals appearance in. the one that commonly shared. The one that gets a lot of focused is Donovan Mitchell, you know they they actually traded down of you know sent him to Utah and so I mean draft Mrs or part of it. But but certainly for the kings that was a painful. That's one way to put it. But also now that. The kings have made this change in the front. Office. The first thing that came to my mind was. What does this mean now for Luke Walton on he's had. Some I'll calm disagreements with the body healed certainly about his role in coming off the bench debate a lot of money to him. What do you think this means for Luke Walls Futures Coaches Sacramento Kings. It's tough to tell I. Think. I think he's definitely find for the foreseeable future i. do think that. The message was kind of sad. That You know ultimately demonte because that's who they hired that you know they're pretty invested both financially and. Spiritually in Luke although the finances I think play a massive Arthur So it's GonNa be all about. The relationship between Monte Luke you already have a little bit of a relationship with Ken Ken L. Kings, assistant, GM who is GonNa remain and I do think that that money is GonNa make an in the front office as well. Very likely to be a.

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