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York is a former New York police officer once assigned to a former mayor's detail He's also a former marine and he will be the 1st January 6th defendant to argue to a jury that his actions that day were in self defense that it was police at the capitol inciting the mob all others to face jury so far in January 6 cases have been convicted on all counts Webster is on trial for 6 counts but is not accused of going into the capitol that day A congressman who has generated a lot of controversy in the last month is again been caught with a loaded gun at an airport TSA finding North Carolina Republican medicine Cawthorn trying to go through security with a loaded 9 millimeter hand gun at Charlotte Douglas international airport today Cawthorn was cited for possession of a dangerous weapon and his gun was confiscated by police which is normal He faces a $13,000 fine in February of 2021 Cawthorn was trying to take a gun through the security checkboard at Asheville regional airport which is in North Carolina President Biden looking at different options to forgive most if not all federal student loan debt It's a move that would thrill some of his most loyal supporters and financially strapped students nationwide but it is a departure from campaign pledges to provide limited relief CBS News shared his plans during an hour and a half White House meeting just yesterday with members of the congressional Hispanic caucus The move could affect more than 43 million borrowers who hold more than a $1.6 trillion in federal student loan debt the second largest debt held by Americans behind mortgages We will be going in depth on this with some men Kim of The Washington Post who covers The White House She'll be along at 8 ten A big win for supporters of a controversial abortion law in Texas The Texas method of banning abortions after 6 weeks is through $10,000 civil lawsuits filed against those performing or assisting the procedure The 5th circuit Court of Appeals has now dismissed all legal challenges to this method brought by Texas abortion clinics Anti abortion groups are celebrating Texas right to life attorney John seago The abortion industry can not move forward with their challenges to the private enforcement piece And so this really cuts their legs out from under them Chris Fox for CBS News Austin Still head on WTO a powerful guy in college sports stepping away Both caption Nats in action tonight will have it all for you Patrick was way behind on his IRS taxes That was in way over my head The total amount ended up being somewhere just over $30,000 $30,000 Then the IRS came to collect Started getting letter after letter lean had been filed against me They were going to basically hang me completely out to dry He had to do something That's when I reached out to optima tax relief Patrick's life quickly got a lot easier It's very easy Pretty much hands off They picked up the ball and ran with it And how'd it go I couldn't believe it I had to.

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