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Authorization for a booster shot of visors cove in nineteen vaccine vulnerable. Americans who have been recommended for a third vaccine dose are people sixty five and older people at high risk of severe disease and people whose jobs put them at risk of infection according to acting. Fda commissioner dr janet woodcock that includes healthcare workers teachers and daycare staff grocery workers and those in homeless shelters prisons among others. The cdc's advisory panel will meet thursday to decide what to recommend based on the fda's decision a florida. Republican state lawmaker has introduced a restrictive abortion bill similar to the one that became law in texas. The bill was filed by state representative. Webster barnaby it contains a procedural feature that allows private citizens to bring lawsuits against doctors who provide abortions after a fetal heartbeat is detectable about six weeks into a pregnancy that also goes for anyone who knowingly engages in conduct that aides were beds the performance or inducement of an abortion lip proposal also allows lawsuits to be brought forth up to six years after an abortion was performed in violation of the law. Cnn has reached out so barnaby office for for comment. Investigators say a seventy five year. Old man in michigan left pipebombs at two cellphone stores to stop the spread of immoral content by porn or cursing. That's according to an affidavit for probable cause the justice department says john. Douglas allen was charged with extortion and attempted damage or destruction of buildings used in interstate commerce. Cnn has reached out to allen's attorney for comment. according to the affidavit a group called coalition for moral telecommunication left threatening letters at cellphone towers. The group said they were willing to travel across the us to destroy inner city tower communication and demanded they be paid five million dollars within roughly six months. The group added that the price would go up one hundred times. If any members were arrested a new monument honoring the abolition of slavery was dedicated in richmond. Virginia wednesday it was unveiled. Just two miles. From where a statue of confederate general robert e lee once stood the monument features to twelve foot saw statues of a man and a woman voting an infant after they were freed from slavery the base of the monument features the names of ten black virginians who fought free masturbation or civil rights. John mitchell is named after his ancestor. The first black man to run for governor of virginia. And whose name on the plaque. You're so good for my my cousins and my nephews nieces for future grandchildren and future grandchildren. They put the pictures. But it's different when you standing in front of it and it's a physical thing and you look up at it. It will take your breath away. The ceremony took place two weeks after the statue of lee was removed. The wonder years is getting a fresh. Take this fall with a reboot on. Abc likely original show. The reboot is set in the sixties and grownup version of the star is narrating original star. Fred savage is also directing the series however the show also features some changes set in montgomery alabama. The show tells the story of an african american family and their twelve year old son deed for now..

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