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I mean you win three stanley compass with this brain trust and now all of a sudden it'll they don't they can't figure it out and and so i know that when you're a team that's want a bunch of comps it's very difficult to make the adjustment to maybe be an an also ran the got swept in the first round by nashville last year the gonna miss the playoffs by a lot it seems this year they've got very little to sell off nobody's going to want patrick sharp's nobody nobody wants any of the guys that are making a ton of money but i'm telling ya if they led go there gm and head coach especially their head coach joel quenneville will be free for about three minutes however long it takes the dial it the of a phone call be how long joel quenneville will be out of a job he did a good job in st louis colorado he's one cops in chicago solve the blackhawks while let him go believe me they're a bunch of teams that are to raise their hand and say i will take the chance on joel quenneville if he's let go let's take a look at the games tonight devils and the flyers devils officially put uh cory schneider on i are could miss another week they got to get him act can cades hit a wall here uh they're losing games the spy taylor hall playing so well enough philadelphia has become a legitimate team in the metropolitan division they're getting a ton of goals from closure rue they're getting a ton of play from their blue line they're figuring out their goal tending right now whether it ends up being elliott or noil vr if i still think that that's going to be the stumbling block for the flyers but huge game tonight in philly same goes for the blue jackets in the islanders blue jackets can't score islanders can't stop teams from his scoring so something will have to give tonight but again all these metropolitan division teams playing each other lot of three.

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