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Was not in creed just to correct doesn't make any sense what's he in creed or not in creed in off he was in a sequel to read and not the original creed. We did. I, said, enough you flabby excuses for people already giving shape. Are you ready get in shape now our here in your group Hoddle's expired today I'll never expire it is in the fine print right under the picture the flabby man pumping up seriously. That's not the expiration date. It's the purchase date. oopsy looks like you people have been eating too much Wuxi Pie Sabrina how do you confuse the two numbers be confusing? That's where podcast numbers always look the same to me. Our podcast numbers are actually pretty good. The aplenty listeners and one regular caller greater doesn't count pickling. Let's go palm them. I more of a cardio guide. You mind if I go use the treadmill for a bit go use eat just be ready to work. It's leg day yet is chicken leg day no chicken leg broiled chicken breasts from now on most salt pepper now. Goes to push ups and I'll start telling you my Dolly. How many like ten started fifty? Can you them on from my knees? That's what she said I. Hear you on the Shared Mu. If you can say snarky comments then you can join Boone. Push ups at Tennessee your question. Yes. You can do your push ups from your knees Oh can I do mine and lane position on my back with a blanket and a pillow? No. Gerald Turkey. So long steady Zuma classic at all start doing the push ups with the rest of your friends. Practicing. Felt. Like. Nelson was. You saw my story begins in nineteen, forty, seven I was born on July thirtieth to my mother or. My Father Gustav in Austria my father was a drunk local police chief and former member of the Nazi party with like the favor my older brother, my pants were strict but my father was always tough on me because he didn't think that I was his biological son. Wait your father was a dare I say you've set it on the show before not see? Yes. But nothing was ever proved about him committing any wartime atrocities I had the sign Simon we since still tend to look at his wartime Beckett they couldn't find anything. I'm not sure what surgeon. winning. Why are you laughing? At.

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