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In miami in late nineteen forty two where she met her first love do we know about flying tigers pilot named major matt gordon junior who station in nearby homes that air for air reserve base had just been built earlier that year he shortly sent overseas fighting world war two and elizabeth began to correspond with them reportedly sending him twenty seven letters in the first eleven days he was gone she was in love or at least in last year's infatuated then elizabeth mom got a letter is well from elizabeth not so dead but for sure deadbeat father cleal late nineteen forty two eighteen year old phoebe row sorry age and you're a phoebe where win that elizabeth is eighteen years old he received a letter apology from her presumed deceased east husband which revealed he was in fact still alive they just run away to start a new life in california where you say in that letter after all these years right just what twelve years later hello phoebe it's cleo lesson about the whole making and things looked like a jump off a bridge i'm sure you're still upset by that and i get it i get it first off thank you for the funeral i heard you read a loving tribute about me second sorry about leaving you and other five young daughters high and dry doing the worst financial time nation's history i feel terrible for weeks a third and the real reason why this letter pot pot has been picking up none of their economy is recover and i was wondering do you still have that old wouldn't chester mind they kept in the cellar had a lot of valuable mini golf blueprints inside is there any way you could send me those blueprints in of course you know say hi to the girls and how come pat on the back whenever kids were into but the blueprints please send s h p if you do have them saying stall you the best i'll be here send money once up and running again i'll take care of yeah junior college something don't you worry but he went back to a win phoebe told elizabeth her dad with alive elizabeth warren to reconcile with her father the father who district twelve years before father had missed out on basically her entire childhood in parental bonds they are so strong even when parents are complete piece of shit a clear wasn't casey anthony joseph rental whistle bad but he was far from good in december of nineteen forty two elizabeth moved in with their newly resurrected dateable california about thirty miles north of san francisco an after just a few weeks of what it described as various disagreements cleo has the balls to kick her out the guy who faked his own death to get out of rage and elizabeth enter sisters couldn't hang for one fucking months after getting a second chance histories little murky on the exact pilot timeline of this happening this report is a january of nineteen forty three also report is mid year of nineteen forty three either way elizabeth had figure out new ways living around now in california when clearly later questioned after elisabeth murder he was living in l eight at the time of her death working as a refrigerator repairman he said i last saw my daughter elisabeth three years ago and vallejo california i ever tuna dollars and she came out from massachusetts she can deliver mainly how would you spend all their time running around you suppose we keep the house for me so i made her leave i didn't want anything to do with her or the rest of the family then i wish through it all of it is such a piece of shit a boot cleo after banning your entire family twelve years later you don't like how you're daughters keeping your house clean after a few weeks do you wanna say she's eighteen of course he's running around you fucking piece of shit when the going gets tough clearly got this is what he said to investigators no corn about oh my god my poor baby if only i would have been there forever only ever been a decent dad maybe she's still be alive and people just terrible a two years later clear will be out of my the debts within adult size club near the small wooden bridge between eleven and twelve holes of the putt putt course he just finished in bakersfield i wish he actually until nineteen sixty seven indict age of eighty one a in january of nineteen forty three elizabeth had applied for a job.

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