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I think it was just to be taken that there are so many bullets flying that he took one and now that they're the clear ono here he goes fell flat. Weird that a british airmen could just grab a radio and tell the americans. Hey bomb this place and americans are like sure why not. You're on our radio or something. Yeah i something tells me this is not what we're we're two is like. Just gonna go out on that one but thank god. We stopped hitler from dropping the bomb. And then we get this weird epilogue where the lieutenant played by neal mcdonough shows back up again and is like i have this letter about from the residents. Your heroes no one will ever know your father would be proud of you. You're not getting a promotion. This never happened only if only this never happened. Movie i'm by with is not happening and kestrel. Is there too. i mean. Maybe he doesn't get a medal of honor but he gets the girl he goes to the father's gravesite. Because that's what tom sizemore and told them would be meaningful there. It's when you don't have a theme to your movie. It's really hard to wrap it up isn't it. You just grateful that he didn't you know soa flag like i feel like they just whatever they can do to make it look patriotic. That's how they're going to go out on men that sacrifice but not really to save us from fake conflicts. Well let's save us from director video movies. Say can you see justin. Stewart's do you recommend company of heroes justin stewart. I think you just nailed it in some asian there. I mean the only thing. This movie is even remotely trying to say or do is just kind of a vague gesture at some vague. Patriotism you know. That's all there is here. I mean otherwise. It just feels like they saw inglorious bastards. They like some of those scenes. They sell saving private ryan. They wanted to do some of that stuff. But none of it worked. And i said it earlier in. I'll stand by it. If this was a game called a duty download where the mission was you have to sneak into germany in the waning days of the war. And stop hitler from dropping a bomb that he got busy with change the course of history. That sounds like a fun game to play but what they did with it here. It's not a fun movie to watch. Because they weren't even on that mission they were supposed to be delivering hams and actually. I probably would enjoy that more. Just a fun. Romp through france and the back roads of germany and a waning days of the war watching him deliver. Christmas hands might have been more. Fun this yeah this. there's nothing here. there's there's way better games to play. There's way better world war two movies to watch though unless you've seen every single movie in the genre and you need one more go for it but otherwise steer clear this one. This one's a big dud. I will say this. It's not as bad as i thought. But that's only because i thought it would be as bad as the ball and it's not quite on that level. That's my bias. When i think about straight the tape that it's completely removed from anything worthwhile. What it is is. If they had had money they have been able to to visually pull off what they had here. They would have a mildly enjoyable premise. That would have worked on the caliber of stars that they got if they got good actors. That you enjoy seeing is going to even been a mild recommend maybe but it is empty and because they have no money to flesh it out no interesting actors who want to commit to creating characters. There's nothing here to show and again. It seems like it's based on the game. That isn't even that popular and doesn't have a story line to adapt. So what are we doing. I mean honestly. I think when you have something. Maybe he's a new like teachable. Moment here when you have something that you don't have the to pull off. Why not just have a graboy break from the ground and start eating people like this will only work if you just make it a campy monster movie or just do something silly and grandiose because if you try to tell an earnest war movie on a budget that is of this caliber you really. I mean i don't think veterans will like this. I don't think gamers will like this. Is certainly i know i don't like this. I just think camping up or go home. This is a failure..

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