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New York judge has blocked the justice department from changing its lawyers in the ongoing battle to add a citizenship question to the twenty twenty census CBS news has report coming up next also on the way mourners remembering the master pitchman Lee Iacocca god bless them I'm John Hewitt plus the governor in Benton harbor to meet up with school board members will have the details on the way it's twelve thirty Wednesday July tenth twenty nineteen good morning I'm Jim Matthews for double double J. news radio I am fifty sports coming up twelve forty five a seventh straight win for the American League a top the National League last night in the all star game now CBS CBS news update another setback for the trump administration in its legal bid to include a citizenship question on the twenty twenty census the justice department wanted to change lawyers federal judge said the department didn't provide any satisfactory reasons for doing so Loyola law professor Laurie Levenson is a former federal prosecutor this is another situation where the government wants to play by its own rules and it's not giving the court the information the court needs to efficiently and accurately handle this matter so you think the judge is done playing games he just wants the government to comply with the rules so what's next what happens now is either the old lawyers who were on this case will continue on this case or the government will have to have them filed appropriate substitution information with the court explaining why they need to withdraw CBS news special report I'm by the Michigan this is news radio nine fifty W. W. news time twelve thirty two mourners were remembering and auto industry legend Lee Iacocca yesterday at a visitation that took place newsradio nine fifties John Hewitt with more well there were several notable visitors like former Chrysler president Bob Lutz and former Michigan governor Jim Blanchard who stop by here at lunch and sons funeral home in Clawson many others never knew Lee Iacocca at all but felt they also had to come by among the Raymond tries to Rochester hills a forty seven year Chrysler employee Warren in sterling stamping just to show that I appreciated what he did Robert Schneider of Warren who worked at the old Chrysler plant became emotional when talking about I a coca man he said felt like family the save our pensions and our jobs god bless them a fearless schedule for eleven o'clock Wednesday morning at St Hugo of the hills Catholic Church Michael who will be buried at white chapel cemetery in Troy John Hewitt W. W. J. newsradio nine fifty H. Ross Perot has died he was the original billionaire who tapped in the working class anger is a foundation for a presidential campaign more about his life from CBS's Jim Axelrod one of the wealthiest men in the country when he ran for president in nineteen ninety two H. Ross Perot body suits at men's warehouse and does he showed Morley safer on sixty minutes drove an eight year old Oldsmobile the Texans populist campaign laser it on stagnant wages and big government best kept secret America twelve hundred I have a jets worth two billion dollars flying government officials around why can't they try and act like we live okay go to the airport getting land lose your luggage either by a male have a taste reality the political reality of nineteen ninety two was right for populism Perot died yesterday at the age of eighty nine after a battle with leukemia meanwhile a former Wynnstay professor who worked for Perot says he could have been the first businessman president in U. S. history Frank rector was a writer for the self made billionaire between is nineteen ninety two and nineteen ninety six presidential runs he says the Perot understood how to use the media of his era cable news in the infomercial yeah I connect with people about the issues beyond that Richter says the founder of EDS also took time to help uncertain international issues during the years he ran for office yeah he got mercenary special forces people of mercenaries are you prepared to go in and stir up those people out EDS employees out of your own yet to Turkey and he always champion the P. O. W. E. N. in Vietnam like people like McCain and help the family again that's Ross.

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