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De Santas ban Is that wearing masks does provide some protection for Children and crowded school settings, especially for those under 12, for whom no vaccine yet exists. California is moving ahead with the law. That would be another first. Let's bring in Jim Rook from Los Angeles for that Tim Michael. It's called Stealth thing, as described by California Democrat Assembly member Cristina Garcia, the bill's author. It is a non consensual and intentional removal or tampering with condoms during sexual intercourse. It is often called assault but never defined in law. Garcia cites a 2017 study from Yale University, which calls stealth in quote, a grave violation of dignity and anatomy. End quote. Garcia also says quote it's disgusting that there are online communities that defend and encourage stuffing and give advice on how to get away with it, removing the condom without the consent of their partner. There is nothing in law that makes it clear and this is a crime end. Quote. This bill seeks to clear all that up. She says the bill have signed into law won't change the criminal code, but it will change the civil code on sexual battery and that victims will be able to sue their alleged attacker. Garcia says she hopes other states take up a similar bill. It gives them a clear message that this is not only immoral but illegal, which is key and prevent an education. The bill passed unopposed. Michael Stock futures have been heading mildly downward overnight, perhaps signaling further losses later this morning after the Dow and the S and P 500 fell yesterday for the third straight session. Coming up on 18.5 minutes past the hour on first light, Robert Workman's here and, you know, Robert, I guess sometimes it's great to stay late at the ballpark, Isn't it? Michael Plenty of late game excitement in baseball. On Wednesday, the Red Sox shaded the raise to one. This one was scoreless through seven innings. Nelson Cruz singled in a run to put Tampa Bay on top of the 8th 100. Renfro, then built it. A two run shot in the home have to put Boston ahead and in the ninth, Renfroe threw Julie Wendell trying for a triple to end the game. Marlins Mets, the Mets to one in 10 innings Brian Dela Cruz, third hit of the night brought home the winning run Jason Heyward's three run rocket and the death gave the Cubs a 41 win over. The Reds giant scored four in the ninth to repel the Rockies. 74, a two run single from Lamont Way, Junior, followed by a two run double by Evan Longoria. Mariners scored four in the night to get by the Astros 85 JP Crawford went deep. Orioles scored nine times in the eight to beat the Royals 98, So I guess they aren't tanking after all. Sometimes it's good to get to the park. Early fans in San Diego got to see a snowman. The Padre scored eight times in the second inning and plowed the Angels 85 Adam Frazier had two hits and three R B I and the blizzard. Twins shut out the Indians three Nothing for the second straight night, Rookie Joe Ryan sat down the 1st 19 batters he faced. Rosario's single broke up. The Perfecto Cardinals defeated the Dodgers 54 Adam Wainwright pitched into the night to pick up his 15th win. Blue Jays brushed off the Yankees 63 for their seventh straight win. Vladimir Guerrero Jr hit number 41, New York falls behind Boston for the Topsail wildcard Toronto just a game and I have back A stop The White Sox 51. Brewers edge The Phillies 43 Eduardo Escobar solo homer in the sixth broke a 33 times. Nationals knocked off the Braves for two Tigers fought the Pirates 51 Rangers down the Diamondbacks 85. Baseball's Hall of Fame inductions were held on Wednesday afternoon, and Cooper's down for the class of 2020, Derek Jeter, Larry Walker, Ted Simmons and the late Marvin Miller. The date was pushed back in hopes that some fans would be allowed to attend and about. 20,000 made the trek to upstate New York at the US Open number one Novak Djokovic, now just two wins away from the calendar Grand Slam. The Joker dropped the first set for the third match in a row, then roared past six seed Matteo Beretta, Jeannie Will play four seed Alexander Zverev and Friday's semifinals. British 18 Year old Emma Rodica new ousted 13 seed Belinda Bencic in straight sets to become the first qualifier to make the open semifinals in the pro era and she's the second unseeded teen to make this year's final four after Canada's Leila Fernandez and the NFL season kicks off tonight in Tampa, the Super Bowl champion Buccaneers hosting the Cowboys. That's Thursday. Sports. Thank you, Robert. We're coming up on 21. Minutes past the hour. I'm Kevin Car. A new comedy is hitting theaters this week that tells the dangers of too good of a deal. I'll tell you more when first light returns, All right. Good deal. First light will be right back. If.

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