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By the time Barbara. Earl Thomas met Jacob Lawrence. He was settled in Seattle. As a tenured professor. At the University of Washington this was the nineteen seventies and though he became her mentor and Graduate Advisor HIS WIFE. Wendelin became her family Jacob treasured his relationship with his wife she had helped him create the migration series and that catapulted them both onto a journey of art and discovery that span there fifty nine years of marriage. There was a really intense respect between them about their work and he would say that you know part of how I help assess. My work is having Glen. Come in look at it when I'm ready to have her look at it and they would have discussion you know. Would you like me to visit your studio? And she said Yeah. Come over. Have something I want you to see. She take it out she show it to him and he would do the same. It wasn't a free for all. She couldn't just go into the studio and just start. You know Leveling her opinion that was not gonNA happen. Jacob Lawrence died in June two thousand of lung cancer. Jake never ask me to take care of Gwen. But I felt like you know he wasn't there so I get on the phone and I made a calendar and we had people here. I said if you said you're really their friends and you always about you know how much you love them. Here's your big chance. People like our former mayor Norman rice and his wife Constance Norman would come over and I said okay. You've got Thursday evening. You can pick her up. She likes to go and be with people who are fun and exciting and I year funding cycle team. So you guys come get her so he would come get her and people stepped up. They did their jobs. Gwendolyn Knight Lawrence died five years after her husband and two thousand five Jacob and Gwen had always intended to move back to New York Luther Days in place. They both considered home. But that never happened and so just as a migration have brought them together and set the course of their lives they would end up having another migration of sorts after death just occurred to me. I said it's time for you to go back. So I got their ashes which I had their ashes. I put them in my backpack. Then I had these friends. He's really wonderful friends at that also helped me take care of quitting. Jacob the flowers Bob and Mickey Flowers and they said you can't to yourself. I should okay then this so they decided that they were gonNA come with me. And then we were. GonNa do a memorial for Gwen at Saint John. The divine so I said No. You Take Gwen. And I'll take Jacob and don't let them out of your sight don't put them down. Let's not something we can leave on the airplane so we took them back. Took them to Saint John Devine which is where they are now and Harlem less than thirty blocks from where Jacob with Gwinnett aside painted the migration series and then we had At Radley spoke and a number of people spoke at the Memorial for Glenn and Jacob. And then they were interred there in the columbarian so they made it back haul. That's where they are.

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