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Traffic and weather together on the ace NewsRadio ten eighty KRLD. It is four thirty eight and seventy five is still a big mess. If you're heading north to Melissa. So we've got over an hour of delay to contend with starting around western road. Even before that. Now, this delay just continues to stretch southward, but the closure is actually going to be at Melissa road heading north, and of course, right now highway five and one Twenty-one are equally backed up. So it's going to be a tough go, no matter which free freeway you choose. But if you can at all and you're heading north you probably don't wanna take seventy five. We've also got to that trouble any improvement at all in northeast Dallas Brett Kelly. Well, they've got an accident on six thirty five. Eastbound it's a little after four clearing on the right shoulder. But you've got folks slowing down to take a look. So the backup has not improved. And in fact, has actually pushed back to Preston road in oak cliff northbound thirty-five at the sixty seven merge, you've got the right lane blocked up with construction. So that's what's keeping sixty seven. Northbound at a crawl from Luke twelve Ledbetter and north. Found thirty five slow from keys now, I do want to mention that. Once you get past that construction zone. It's all clear passage downtown. Dallas does slow again some through hospital district and passing Dallas love field up to twelve hour. We got some new trouble in south Fort Worth. Randy fuller. What's that southbound thirty five W sycamore school an accident blocking the left lane? It's backed up from seminary Arlington. Westbound twenty a bit of a tight spot for three sixty two Collins pass that you're clear all the way to the east loop and Fort Worth and northbound thirty five W there is road work to watch for at one fourteen that backup is slow to alliance gateway Bush turnpike rolling through Carrollton heading east over.

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