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Right yeah i suppose that's one way to look at it and i know you had a a podcast of week or so ago on i think it's called sister sister district yes yes sister district where people are kind of exporting their blue nece and assisting progressive than other areas and that's been a huge part actually of our local indivisible group too because we've got very solid representation from here and we have a bit of an older and we we admit somewhat privileged economically group here in wine country and so we've actually had people travel to other parts of the state twice a week we have groups writing handwritten postcards we've had a lot of just a tremendous amount of activity working on what we call out of district to assist the progressive and i think you mentioned that you're talking to regina bates in running against mcclintock and of course he and nunez on on your of your other guests to those are super big hit for us and we've strategically pick the people that were trying to support and we have sent people people volunteered to go and go door to door and i can't even tell you how many postcards and things we've done to assist those districts i mean one of those things that's kind of surprising if he looked through the list of the fifty three congressional representatives is that although there aren't that many republicans the republicans that are in office are terrible people you hear about all the time dana rohrabacher and kevin mccarthy steve knight of nunez mcclintock like these are like really evil republicans so it's kind of surprising if you think about this as a really blue state that there are these sort of really really republican districts well it's you know the been the trend the last twenty years or so to get the the district's to be really solid one direction or the other.

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